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"I love seeing the E5 newsletter in my inbox. It's made me a better marketer and we've made subscribing to the newsletter part of our standard marketer onboarding because it helps my team sharpen their skills, too!"

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie

Co-Founder, ZenPilot

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"It's the first email I open when it hits my inbox...not because it's always at the top of the list, but because it's the one guaranteed to provide the most value. My marketing skills have improved ten-fold since subscribing."

Chris DuBois (3)
Chris DuBois

CEO, Lean Labs

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“Want to know a secret?!?

This is for B2B marketers but it’s a cheat code for B2B sales people and entrepreneurs too. Highly recommend!”

henry johnson
Henry Johnson

Strategic Account Executive, Oracle

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I've been in B2B marketing for a decade working in marketing leadership roles at Drift and Privy. Today I'm spending my time building a community of B2B marketing pros to give you the resources outside of work I didn't have available to me earlier in my career.