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“This is one of three email newsletters I’m crazy stoked to see whenever it hits my inbox.”
Zach Roberts
Founder, Break Into Product Marketing
“Whether you are a B2B marketer or working closely alongside B2B marketing teams (like myself), this newsletter is a treasure trove of insights to help you stay on top of your game and learn from the best.”
Alysha Khan
Consulting Services Manager, Etumos
“The Exit Five newsletter is the only business newsletter I read on a regular basis. I signed up for Exit Five a few months ago but admittedly don't use it nearly as often as I should. So the fact that I can catch up through the newsletter is very helpful.”
Mike Melone
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Own Company
“Exit Five is one of my favorite newsletters and one I encourage my team to follow as well. I always open it because I know I'm going to get a great tip or insight from Dave right at the beginning of the newsletter. I also really like the recaps of the most recent Exit Five podcasts so I quickly see what I missed and add them to my queue. Whether you're new to B2B marketing or a veteran, do not sleep on this newsletter!”
Suzy Morel
Head of Marketing, Frogslayer
“I hate newsletters quite honestly - I bulk delete them every morning. But not the Exit Five newsletter. I actually open these because it ‘gets me’ or it ‘gets me thinking’. It either hits a truth about something I’ve experienced or it gives me food for thought. I feel like it’s written for me. Not to mention it links me to content that is legit brain food, often with access to world class marketers sharing their advice or experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to tap into. Subscribe, you’ll actually read it.”
Bindy Griffin
Senior Director of Marketing, LawVu
“I always read the Exit Five newsletter because it's a great source of inspiration and practical marketing ideas, tactics and strategies. Plus, the content is always authentic, insightful, and never boring.”
Amitai Richman
Director of Product Marketing, K2View
“To-the-point, clear advice for how to do your job AND navigate your career in marketing. One of the few newsletters I make time to read when it hits my inbox.”
Kari Foster
VP of Marketing, Molecule
“This is one of three email newsletters I’m crazy stoked to see whenever it hits my inbox.”
Zach Roberts
Founder, Break Into Product Marketing
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