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Win/Loss Analysis, why people buy, why they leave...

Win/Loss Analysis, why people buy, why they leave...
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Episode Description

Win/loss analysis is one of the most important tools B2B marketers can be using to get insight and drive revenue across the company. Dave sits down with Trenton Romph, Head of Marketing at Clozd to breakdown how to do win/loss analysis at your company, and this session is a great premer for anyone not familiar with this topic. One of the keys to getting ahead in B2B marketing is to be always be listening / learning for new ideas you can bring into your company to help improve the business, and this is a perfect session for marketers who want to keep a seat at the leadership table. Beyond marketing, win/loss analysis is an incredible tool to help get the whole company rallied around why people buy, why they leave, and what you can do to fix leaks in your funnel.