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Recorded Future CMO Tom Wentworth

Recorded Future CMO Tom Wentworth
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Episode Description

Tom Wentworth is CMO at Recorded Future, a $250m+ revenue high growth cyber security company. Prior to Recorded Future Tom was CMO at Rapid Miner and CMO at Acquia. We talk about:

- Running marketing at 1,000 person company doing $250M ARR
- The breakdown of Recorded Future's 45 person marketing team roles & responsibilities & goals
- RF's marketing operating system, campaigns, themes, and running plays quarterly and annually
- Managing up, working with the CEO, and why "if you don't have a plan you'll be given one"
- Why he hates category creation
- Why he doesn't like spending budget on agencies
- Why middle management is important to scaling marketing
- Why RF built a news organization, how it works, hiring top journalist, how it fits within the marketing org, what they report on, doing millions of pageviews/month
- And more