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The Path to CMO

The Path to CMO
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Episode Description

How to Become a Marketing Leader (The Path To CMO w/TigerConnect CMO Wendy White) Any ambitious marketer has dreams of one day being called CMO. You get to call the shots, make the big decisions, and control where the budget goes. It's the peak of the marketing profession. But the path from enterprising young marketer to chief marketing officer isn't always a clear one. And without any guidance from those who came before you, it can seem an almost unattainable title. So my friend Wendy White, CMO of TigerConnect and one of the best marketing leaders working today, joined me for about an hour on a live session to talk about how you can navigate the path to CMO. Key takeaways include: How both Wendy and I navigated marketing leadership roles How you can stand out in your current role and distinguish yourself as a future marketing leader Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about marketing leadership from fellow DGMG members davegerhardt.com