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RevOps Deep Dive

RevOps Deep Dive
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Episode Description

This episode is an overview of the role of Revenue Operations as it relates to B2B sales & marketing today. You'll get an overall understanding of why the role of RevOps is key to scaling and growing revenue inside of an organization today with guest Lindsay Rothlisberger, Director of RevOps at Zapier.

We cover the things B2B marketers and future marketing leaders should know about RevOps today, including:

- The role of RevOps inside of a B2B SaaS company

- How to measure success with a RevOps team/role

- The top trends in RevOps for 2023

- Centralized vs. Decentralized Ops and how to decide

- What to look for in a RevOps candidate/how to hire

- Audience Q&A - Lindsay and Dave questions list

Revenue Operations is the fuel for a high-performing B2B SaaS company today, and the #1 key partner to marketing and sales to drive growth.