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My Story From Marketing Manager to CMO, Building Exit Five, and Life Beyond Marketing

My Story From Marketing Manager to CMO, Building Exit Five, and Life Beyond Marketing
Ok turning the tables on this one - Dave is the guest on this episode and chats with GTMFund's Scott Barker for their GTM podcast. Scott is a Partner and Co-Founder at GTMfund and formerly head of partnerships at Sales Hacker and through their acquisition by Outreach. Dave a Scott talk through:
  • Behind Dave's career story and starting Exit Five
  • Some personal philosophies and current goals and the different chapters of life
  • Dave's systems, does he have an assistant or VA? How does he run his business today?
  • How to successfully set yourself up as a one person team
  • Evolving your strategy and goals as your companies goals change
  • How to nail your companies messaging
  • Effectively building a founder brand
  • The importance of niching down to drive growth

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