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Product Marketing | Improve the B2B Buying Experience with Interactive Product Demos (with Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic)

Product Marketing | Improve the B2B Buying Experience with Interactive Product Demos (with Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic)
This week, we're sharing a recording from an Exit Five Live Session with Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic. She has a background in SEO and digital marketing for B2B sales and marketing SaaS. Over the years, her focus has shifted to full-funnel marketing, GTM strategy, and improving the digital buyer experience.

In this episode, we cover

  • Why buyers are switching to a more "self-service" model of buying 
  • How interactive demos stack up against traditional marketing education like videos or ads
  • Tips to create a product story with your interactive demo that gets you a 30% CTR
  • The most common questions marketers have about interactive demos


  • () - Introduction
  • () - Statistics on Product Demos
  • () - Gating vs. not gating product demos
  • () - Emails and personalized follow-ups post-demo
  • () - Where to place the interactive demo on the website
  • () - Interactive demos with complex products
  • () - How to budget for interactive product demos
  • () - Implementing interactive product demos in LinkedIn ads
  • () - Platform recommendations for interactive product demos
  • () - Use of interactive demos in the sales cycle
  • () - Tracking activity and attribution in interactive demos
  • () - Personalized demos for each prospect
  • () - Post interactive demo conversion best practice
  • () - Closing thoughts

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