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Marketing Leadership | How To Run Marketing, Creating Categories, and the Role of Marketing in Revenue Growth (with Kyle Coleman from Copy.ai)

Marketing Leadership | How To Run Marketing, Creating Categories, and the Role of Marketing in Revenue Growth (with Kyle Coleman from Copy.ai)
Dave is joined by Kyle Coleman, CMO at Copy.ai. Kyle went from Individual Contributor to Senior Director at Looker and Director to CMO at Clari. During his time there, he helped both companies 10x their revenue.

In this episode, they chat about:

  • The importance of leadership team alignment and why the CRO & CFO should be your best friend
  • How marketing can impact pipeline and the standard it should be held to
  • Why you should build a marketing calendar around the product roadmap


  • () - Kyle's exposure to B2B marketing and strategy
  • () - Gaining expertise in marketing metrics and standards
  • () - Balancing Efficiency and Creativity in Sales Outreach
  • () - Importance of an Internal Partnership with the Sales Team
  • () - Aligning marketing goals with revenue generation
  • () - Co-creating Qualified Opportunities with ICP
  • () - Importance of Sales and Marketing Collaboration
  • () - How CROs and CMOs can balance long-term vision and short-term outcomes
  • () - The lightning strike strategy
  • () - ""Marketing Moments"": Calendaring significant events to drive business goals and team performance
  • () - Using Shield analytics to identify and repost popular content
  • () - How to simplify complex questions to extract key insights
  • () - Building a networking resource for professional growth
  • () - Closing thoughts

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