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Events | How to Create Memorable Events that Drive Pipeline (with Kera Wright, Founder of Planner Pal)

Events | How to Create Memorable Events that Drive Pipeline (with Kera Wright, Founder of Planner Pal)
Dave is joined by Kera Wright, Founder of Planner Pal. Kera ran Event Marketing at companies like Microdesk and Aircall, where she managed planning and execution at high-profile trade shows like Dreamforce and INBOUND. She has now founded her own company to help marketing teams host better events.

Kera shares her approach to organizing events, covering everything from project management to cost control. Learn how to host memorable events with your customers at a fraction of the cost and why focusing on a few key moments can make all the difference in the success of your event. Plus, Dave bounces his ideas off Kera for a potential Exit Five in-person event in September.


  • () - - Intro and Exit Five's in-person event
  • () - - Importance of real-life connections
  • () - - Importance of event programming
  • () - - Blending marketer and planner roles in events
  • () - - Identifying Ideal Partnerships for Events
  • () - - Event ideas centered around impactful offers
  • () - - Avoiding overwhelming yourself
  • () - - Goals of an event
  • () - - Challenges of being a full-time event marketer
  • () - - Importance of Project Management Tools
  • () - - The significance of small breakouts for event networking
  • () - - Intention and goal-setting for event success
  • () - - The event calendar algorithm & outro

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