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Brand Marketing with Stephanie Donily

Brand Marketing with Stephanie Donily
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Episode Description

 Stephanie Donily is Director of Corporate Marketing at Zapier. Zapier has 100,000+ customers and does over $150M+ ARR and Steph joins the Exit Five podcast with Dave to talk about brand marketing, including:

- What is brand marketing?
- Why brand marketing is not logos/colors/design
- Steph's job running corporate marketing and managing the teams that are responsible for brand, communications, content marketing, social media, events, and video
- How Zapier is successfully using TikTok as a B2B SaaS brand
- How Zapier thinks about the "different vehicles" to tell the company story
- The (evolving) role of PR
- Do press mentions matter for B2B SaaS?
- How Steph grew her career from PR manager to Marketing Leader
- How Zapier thinks about measuring brand awareness
- Why the CEO has to own the company narrative
- And more