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ABM Overview

ABM Overview
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Episode Description

Dave is joined by Brandon Redlinger (VP Marketing at Crosschq). Prior to leading marketing at Crosschq, Brandon was Head of Demand Gen at Demandbase where he managed demand generation, ABM, content marketing, field marketing and partner marketing teams, and Head of Growth at Engagio where he led all content, website, corporate communications and digital marketing.By popular demand in the Exit Five community we wanted to do a dedicated episode on account-based marketing and cover all things ABM in this hour with Brandon, including: - Why take an ABM approach to marketing, which type of companies this go-to-market strategy makes sense for- Where to start with ABM- Guidance for working with sales on selecting target accounts, who owns the account selection process, where ops fits in between sales and marketing, and what "aligning" with sales actually looks like strategically and tactically- What elements are part of an effective ABM campaign and examples of successful ABM campaigns- Metrics and measurement- And more-