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Win/loss analysis

Should you be using Win/Loss analysis?

If you are like me you are looking for anything you can add to your toolkit to help the company close more deals and generate more revenue.


But most of the "growth" advice often centers around more: more top of the funnel, more volume, more conversion, more optimizations, more ads, etc.


Instead, you could be winning more deals (and influencing your product org) by truly understand why people are *not* buying.


Enter Win/Loss analysis. Marketers that know how to do win/loss analysis can create a competitive advantage because they are getting deep buyer insights and delivering their message more effectively both internally and externally. As a result, they can create marketing and product strategies based on what their buyers care about most.

Next week we are doing a live session on Win/Loss analysis (FREE TO REGISTER)

Come and understand how marketers are using win/loss analysis to understand their buyers better, differentiate against competitors, quantify marketing's effectiveness with sometimes hard-to-quantify initiatives, create better messaging, choose the most effective channels for leads that actually close, and impacting win rate. Come join me + Trenton Romph Head of Marketing at Clozd live to ask your own questions and learn more about win/loss analysis.


Rant: sales team doesn't care about attribution

You know, for all the talk about marketing attribution, proving if marketing is working, and battling over who gets credit, here's so something I believe that I don't often see discussed: the sales team doesn't car.


If you are delivering high intent buyers over and over all day all week to the sales team I promise you they WILL NEVER ASK ABOUT MARKETING ATTRIBUTION. 

I promise you the sales team doesn’t care where they are coming from as long as they are good fit customers who are ready to buy. 

If the sales team is asking about attribution or talking about who gets “credit” that’s usually the red flag to think hmmmm something is off. They don’t believe in what we are doing, they are not getting enough high quality leads, or something else is off with alignment. 

Attribution should be data that informs the marketing team about what to do and where to place bets. It’s a portfolio strategy. Where can you place bets and get the best Customers back from. Not something the whole freaking organization should be debating and discussing.

Find Marketing Talent - Find Marketing Jobs

There is definitely hiring going on. Two months ago there were only 20 open roles on the Exit Five job board, but as of today there are 70 open roles.

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We had a nice little PR week here at Exit Five. First, G2 CMO Amanda Malko gave us this shoutout in her presentation at SaaStr...



And then later in the week, Plannuh CEO Peter Mahoney announced he was selling his company Planful, and told a quick story about how the initial connection for the deal happened inside of the Exit Five community where he met Planful CMO Rowan Tonkin...

Plannuh Planful
The Exit Five Podcast Therapy for B2B marketers

This Week's Guest: April Dunford on Positioning

April Dunford is this week's guest on the Exit Five podcast. You can get this episode everywhere you listen to podcasts - just search for "exit five podcast" but cmon you're in marketing you probably knew that already.


Here's a link to the show on Spotify

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Join 3,200 B2B marketing pros in our members only Exit Five community if you're not already... join here


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