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Will AI change the game for B2B marketers?

As of this moment (January 2023) AI is the most talked about thing among businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Is it hype?
Is it overblown?

No. Hype was Clubhouse. Hype was Web3.

As Kieran Flanagan (SVP Marketing at HubSpot) recently said:

"By the end of this decade, there will be two types of companies: those who've made AI part of their business, and those who've gone out of business. Act Accordingly.”

I'm sure by now you've seen the conversations about "generative" AI too.

Maybe you've even tried some of the new and popular tools out there.

If you're one of those early adopters (and I see many of you here on LinkedIn talking about these tools daily...) there's a great new event you can attend next month.

Jasper is hosting the first ever generative AI conference called Gen AI 2023 on February 14th in San Francisco.

Gen AI 2023 will be centered around the future of generative AI, how the technology will affect the marketing function, and an inside look into how the greatest minds of the industry are thinking about the future of AI. Speakers will include:

- Tom Mason (CTO, Stability AI)
- Nat Friedman (Former CEO, GitHub)
- Thomas Laffont (Co-Founder, Coatue)
- And more

Plus, there will be some surprise music artists, art and writing performances throughout.

And the kind folks at Jasper have given me a code so you can get 25% off tickets (which your CFO will be happy about right now)

Register for Gen AI with the code JEXITFIVE25 and save 25% on tickets.

Sidenote: the best marketers I've seen over the last decade (at least in my career) have been the ones that are out there testing and trying out new tools, learning from new resources, and attending new events. There is an incredible advantage to being an early adopter and first mover in an industry. I know many who have made lasting relationships and business deals from attending the early days of Dreamforce, Inbound, SaaStr, HYPERGROWTH, and other events. This could be that career opportunity for you. Get on trends + events early if there's wave you can ride ... ride it.
Use the promo code JEXITFIVE25 when you register and you'll get ~$100 off your tickets.
Oh also I asked Jasper Art to use my headshot as inspiration for an impressionist painting, thinking of updating my LinkedIn profile... I think I might have to grow out the beard...
Impressionist Painting of Dave Gerhardt Headshot

Deep Dive: 51 Minutes On ABM (Podcast)

OK by popular demand we did a dedicated podcast this week on all things ABM, starting from them beginning. And since posting this podcast episode it has become the most downloaded podcast in the first week.. I guess ABM is still a hot topic here in B2B marketing today...

How to listen: search for Exit Five podcast everywhere you listen to your podcasts and you'll see it.
I picked Brandon Redlinger's brain for an hour on ABM. He is VP of Marketing at Crosschq and previously Head of Demand Gen at Demandbase and Head of Growth at Engagio.

We cover:

- Why take an ABM approach to marketing, which type of companies this go-to-market strategy makes sense for
- Where to start with ABM
- Guidance for working with sales on selecting target accounts, who owns the account selection process, where ops fits in between sales and marketing, and what "aligning" with sales actually looks like strategically and tactically
- What elements are part of an effective ABM campaign and examples of successful ABM campaigns
- Metrics and measurement
- And more

To make this even better, as a follow-up to the podcast Brandon is also in the E5 community now taking any questions about ABM so if you're a member with questions, find the thread with Brandon and tap into his expertise if you need help.


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