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Here's the Exit Five weekly newsletter

Hey - it's me Dave. Back with the weekly Exit Five newsletter. Can you follow our Instagram account? It's Exit Five Marketing (@Exit5Marketing). We'll post videos there to help you get smarter about B2B marketing while you're doom scrolling.

This week's email is sponsored by Zapier. Zapier helps marketers make the most of the technology they use every day. Connect all your apps, automate routine tasks, and streamline your team’s workflow—so you can convert more, with less chaos.

Zapier is hosting a webinar for B2B marketers next week all about lead management. Here are the details. Something to put on your calendar if you are looking to get more efficient with lead management right now...


Next Week: Zapier's Lead Management Webinar

You can automate the entire lead management process and move potential customers across all of your key systems, assign leads to sales reps for timely and relevant outreach, and then scale the entire program so you can put your funnel on autopilot so you can spend more time on strategy and creative work.

Next week (February 28) Zapier is hosting a webinar all about lead management to show you how easy it is to automate these processes.

RSVP to learn:

- How to automate your lead management process
- The ROI of lead management automation (good one to bring to your CFO right now)
- An overview of how to automate your entire lead lifecycle
- A few specific automation examples, like how to send leads to your CRM and the (literally) thousands of other tools Zapier connects to.

Automation is key to efficiency, profitability, and data accuracy and the team Zapier will help you build a lasting lead management system that grows with your organization.

Register for the February 28th webinar here.


How Is Your Internal Marketing Game?

I believe that one of the most underrated marketing channels is internal marketing. Still.


I have felt this on the inside of a company as a marketing leader. And now that I am on the outside and able to see other companies and questions from the Exit Five community, I'm doubling down on that point of view.

The majority of the questions I see (and hear from 1:1 conversations) don't actually have to do with marketing challenges. They have to do with internal challenges. History. Policy. Teams working together. Who owns what. etc.

This is why internal marketing is so important. I believe the whole company should always know:

1) What marketing is doing
2) How things are going vs. the goals you said you'd achieve and 3) what is coming up next (so they can be informed + excited about it; if they are informed and excited they will be more like to participate, tell people, feel pride in their work)

If you cant get people on the inside of your company to care, how will you ever get strangers to buy-in?

You must be able to show your team's work and master internal communication.

Some systems I like: Slack: sharing screenshots, work in progress, teasers, etc. Weekly, monthly, quarterly recaps - here’s what marketing is up to . Take any opportunity to present to the company you can get. Create cross-functional check-ins with marketing, product, sales, CS, finance, ops, together. Marketing is the leadership department as Christopher Lochhead says. Make it that way. Lead by example. You're supposed to be the best communicators in the company right?

Earlier this week I asked members in the Exit Five community: 
Do you send a weekly marketing update to your company?

If so:

- What’s in it?
- What’s the format? (Text, video, etc.)
- What’s the delivery? (slack, email, etc)
- Why do you share it? 

And if you're an Exit Five member you should hop in the Facebook Group and check out some of the answers to this. There are examples of KPI's and scorecards for marketing, and outline for a weekly "big rocks" marketing meeting, an example of weekly Google Slide / Loom five minute update, and even a few who don't believe in sending out a weekly update at all.

Hop in the group and search for "weekly marketing update" and you'll find the thread.

If you're not a member, you can join here.
PS.  Behind the scenes I am also working on the transition of the group from Facebook to a private website with a dedicated mobile app. I'll have more to share on that over the next few weeks but I'm excited to be making this jump. If you're an existing member, nothing changes. One day soon we'll have a new home and you won't miss that announcement. If you're not a member and being on Facebook has been holding you back, I got your back and I hope you join us soon.

Reply back to me and let me know if you'll join once we move it.

I'm excited for this because it's going to make the content experience better but it's also going to foster better connections between peers. As the group grows a huge part of the value is in the peer to peer connection. I want to be able to connect product marketers with other product marketers (as an example). or future CMOs with other future CMOs. You'll be able to connect with each other in a meaningful way (not Slack btw, Slack does not work for a community at this scale but it will be awesome). 

OK gotta go.




Podcast: SEO - All Your SEO Questions in 1 Hour

This week on the podcast we have an AMA with me + Betsy Koliba + Mitch Briggs from Demandwell taking all of your SEO questions.

This was an hour long AMA on all things SEO, focused on what B2B marketers need to know about SEO in 2023, including some questions about how new trends like generative AI, ChatGPT, and short form video will impact SEO in the future, and the classics like: does the blog still matter? which pages on your website should you be pushing people to rank? and more.
How to listen: search for Exit Five podcast everywhere you listen to your podcasts and you'll see it.


Send future podcast guest ideas and pitches to hello@exitfive.com.

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The Exit Five Job Board: A dedicated resource for B2B Marketing Jobs (100% free to post your jobs)


If you are hiring right now, please add open marketing roles to the Exit Five job board this week (it's free).

The Exit Five job board reaches ~4,000 B2B marketing candidates each month and it's a great place to get more eyeballs on your open roles (or to browse if you're reading this and looking for something new).


Learn more at jobs.exitfive.com.


It is 100% free for any reader + company to post an open marketing job to the board.


Here's the hoping companies begin hiring again in Q1 2023.


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