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The Five: Here's The Five 6-1

Thanks to the 2023 Exit Five presenting sponsors Jasper (AI)Demandwell (SEO), and Zapier (Automation)

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of The Five, a weekly collection of B2B marketing lessons & observations. Curated by me, Dave Gerhardt and fueled by the community at Exit Five (we host a private community of ~3,500 marketing pros and you can join us at exitfive.com if you're not already a member).

Here's The Five for This Week:


#1 INBOUND 2023 - Tickets Now Available (Sponsored)

It’s time to plan your fall event schedule - make sure INBOUND is at the top of your list. HubSpot’s big annual event is back in a big way in-person this fall, September 6-8. They will have 180+ expert led sessions with industry thought leaders so you can go and brush up on your professional skills at work, and then there’s Spotlight sessions with big names like Reese Witherspoon, Derek Jeter, and Andrew Huberman to motivate, entertain, and inspire you for the rest of the year. You can go right now to reserve your general admission or limited availability VIP tickets (which gets you access to a special welcome party on September 5) at INBOUND.com.


#2 Exit Five 2.0 Is Here and Back Open For New Members


This is the big news of the week: we have officially moved our community off of Facebook and over to Circle which gives us our own private community on the web and a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

In my opinion -- I don't have any validation from Gartner, Forrester, or G2 and we haven't created our own category -- this is the number one community out there today for B2B marketing pros.

Over the last month we've been moving content + members over to make this place great and while I was nervous about making a big investment of money and time to do this, I am SO RELIEVED because the feedback from members has been incredible. This new space will allow us to scale and build a moat as the best B2B marketing community out there.

Here's a video overview from me breaking down the new Exit Five community.

You can join the community right now for free with a 7 day free trial and then choose monthly or annual billing (or to not join) after your trial.


#3 How To Be a Great CMO with Dave Kellogg


Have you listened to our podcast with Dave Kellogg? It's quickly become one of the most popular episodes to date.

Dave is a former CEO and CMO with operational experience across companies from $0 to $1B+. He served as GM/SVP of Service Cloud for Salesforce, CEO of MarkLogic, and SVP of Marketing at SAP / Business Objects. Today he is  principal at Dave Kellogg Consulting, EIR at Balderton Capital, and authors the popular SaaS blog Kellblog (www.kellblog.com). He has also served as an independent director across 10 startup boards and has a unique perspective into what top performing SaaS companies do and what role the CMO should play.

We talk about:

- Being a great partner to sales and why it is marketing’s job is to make sales easier
- Mastering the art of becoming the dispassionate analyst, presenting the facts
- Being a partner to the CEO
- Dave's thoughts on the importance of benchmarks, his POV on category creation, lead gen vs demand gen, ChatGPT, and more.

Find the Exit Five podcast everywhere you listen (Apple, Spotify, etc.)


#4 The Role of RevOps in B2B

Speaking of the Exit Five podcast, we also put out another podcast episode giving listeners a breakdown of the important role of Revenue Operations inside of a B2B SaaS company with Zapier's Director of RevOps Lindsay Rothlisberger.

Check out episode 75 of the Exit Five podcast, This episode is an overview of the role of Revenue Operations as it relates to B2B sales & marketing today. You'll get an overall understanding of why the role of RevOps is key to scaling and growing revenue inside of an organization today with guest Lindsay Rothlisberger, Director of RevOps at Zapier.

We cover the things B2B marketers and future marketing leaders should know about RevOps today, including:

- The role of RevOps inside of a B2B SaaS company
- How to measure success with a RevOps team/role
- The top trends in RevOps for 2023
- Centralized vs. Decentralized Ops and how to decide
- What to look for in a RevOps candidate/how to hire



#5 Content Marketing Manager at Freshpaint - $120-$150k - Remote


Hot on the heels of their Series A, Freshpaint has doubled revenue in the last 30 days. How? Ridiculously strong product market fit and a focus on educating their core audience. For the team at Freshpaint it's pretty obvious where to invest for faster growth: content marketing.

They're looking to add someone to the team that has content marketing superpowers. Someone who can think strategically about content creation and distribution, then roll up their sleeves to execute that plan. 

You can learn more about the role and apply here on the Exit Five job board.


OK, back to work.


- Dave


PS. Just because I'm a marketer and want to make SURE you see this one ...

We are back and better than ever with our new Exit Five community and membership is open again.


Here's a video overview from me breaking down the new Exit Five community.

You can join the community right now for free with a 7 day free trial and then choose monthly or annual billing (or to not join) after your trial.

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