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Marketing Snacks by Exit Five #2

Hello and welcome to Marketing Snacks - a new weekly newsletter from Exit Five where we source practical, tactical, insights from brilliant marketers across the web. 

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🍿 Today's Snack 🍦


Marketing Can (Should) Impact Revenue Beyond Net New Pipeline


Most marketing teams focus on net new revenue (total amount) as the primary goal...but there are other levers for increasing company revenue that marketing teams should consider putting on their list of strategic priorities.



  • A target account push with the SDR team to increase deal size in a new market segment
  • Sales enablement videos or interactive demos to decrease time to close (net new and existing biz)
  • Product marketing partners with CS on improving onboarding for new features and new customers
  • Investing in tech alliance partnerships to decrease CAC

For the goals you set and the way you track marketings' impact - think across all revenue streams into the biz, and figure out how you can remove bumps in the funnel, speed things up, make things cheaper, or introduce new customer sources.


So an example strategy outline for a quarter could be: 

  • Drive $X million in net new pipeline 
    • SEO tactics
    • Ads tactics
    • Email nurture tactics
    • Sponsorship tactics
  • Source YY enterprise opptys
    • SDR tactics 
    • Landing pages 
    • Targeted ads 
  • Decrease time from demo req to closed-won by ZZ% 
    • Interactive demo tactics 
    • Automate round robin/scheduling

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