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Marketing Snacks from Exit Five

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Hello and welcome to Marketing Snacks - a new weekly newsletter from Exit Five.

The goal of Marketing Snacks is to share addictive, bite-sized (😉) insights from the brilliant marketers across the web. We'll be pulling wisdom from others and sharing it with you. 

Let's dig in.


🍿 Today's Snack 🍦


Recognize and Avoid Random Acts of Marketing


If you've spent any time on a marketing team in-house, you probably know this feeling: Just doing a bunch of stuff because everyone else is doing it.

Emily Kramer calls these "Random Acts of Marketing" - here are some to beware of: 

  • Picking channels randomly/just doing all of them 
  • Investing in them equally
  • Not having specific content for each channel
  • Only hitting one part of the funnel (unintentionally)
  • Same exact goals for each channel
  • Not crushing it in any one channel - because they're all "meh"

What does good look like? 

  • Only choose the channels that work for your audience, GTM motion etc 
  • Stack rank channels by importance / resource allocation 
  • Know the maturity level of each channel at any given time i.e. text, scale, etc. 
  • Have a specific content strategy for specific channels

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