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Do you have a short form video strategy?

Short form video is eating the world.

Everyone is talking about it in our personal lives or as B2C brands, but short form video is going to eat B2B marketing too. The people you're selling to are still people. The trick will be figuring out which content to make. Similar to Youtube, you can't just re-purpose videos or take podcast clips and hope to grow. You need to create dedicated content for those platforms -- or at least have the "this is for a 1 minute video" mindset.
Short form video is not just about doing TikTok dances.
With the rise of YouTube Shorts, short form video is going to eat Google Search because it is the PERFECT customer experience.
When I Google "time and temperature for salmon" because I forget every time, I don't want to scroll a 1500 word article to find the answer. A 30 second to 1 minute video with the answer is the perfect answer. Saves me from scrolling the article. AND the short length cuts out all the fluff of a YouTube video. YouTube videos have even become annoying because everyone has their script they say about hey welcome to the channel or a sponsor or smash that subscribe button. So you have to fast forward to minute three to get your answer. 

Yesterday I was working out, needed to remember the proper technique for "rear delt fly" and instead of articles, for the first time I got 6 YouTube Shorts right in my Google Search. Watched one and found my answer in a minute.
If I were at B2B product business, I would be thinking about this opportunity for us in marketing. Google owns YouTube. You know this is coming. And we seem to be at an inflection point: the typical digital channels aren't as successful as they used to be, the economy is in a tough spot. Something has to change with marketing to "work" and cut through right now. I would be building a content strategy centered around short form video. Yep, even if you sell to the "enterprise."

And this is the challenge IMO that is fun to solve. Not internal politics or debates. But a creative storytelling and marketing problem. What the heck kind of content can we be creating as a B2B company? Well the answer to that question all starts with: what does your ideal customer want? You can make them laugh. Make them smarter. Teach them new things. Share industry news. It's not going to be easy and some magic pill overnight, but it seems like the smart place to be betting for "what types of SEO / content bets can we make now that will pay off in 6+ months."

OK, kids are getting off the bus. Gotta go.

- Dave


Building Your 2023 Marketing Plan (Podcast)

This week's podcast is from our session with Plannuh CEO Peter Mahoney on how the heck to do a 2023 marketing plan.

If you're wondering the answer to that question or looking for a refresher, tune in.

We cover:

1. Overall approach to building a plan
2. Setting goals, metrics, and targets
3. Building a framework for marketing campaigns over the year
4. Modeling funnels and determining cost per opportunity
5. Determining how much marketing budget to spend
6. Selling your plan to the CEO, CFO, and getting it approved

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In a world where cookies, display ads, nurture emails, cold outreach, and all the tactics of old are running out of gas, smart brands are turning to communities, podcasts, individuals, influencers to help drive growth in a niche.

Exit Five is the perfect place to do that, and could include:

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