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Open for a career hack

Hey - it's me Dave. Back with the weekly Exit Five newsletter.


Here's a little career hack I don't see talked about often...


You can create an advantage in your marketing career by being an early adopter.

The people that I've seen over the course of my career and in my network that have rose through the ranks the fastest or made an outsized impact given where they were at a particular time in their career seem to have one thing in common:

They were early on a tool, tech, or trend.

They were able to catch + ride a wave personally and for their company as it relates to marketing.

They were early on things like:

- inbound marketing
- sales engagement tools
- conversational marketing
- video
- podcast

And now I am seeing it again with AI tools.

As an example: if I were in content right now I would be placing a bet on my career and learning this new skill. Careers can be made when you take a leap and are an early adopter of a new tool / tech. Id be looking hard at how I can understand and use AI if I were a content marketer.

You won't be right 100% of the time, but it's often worth taking a leap and trying to ride a wave.

Over time in business and in marketing every channel becomes noisy, saturated, and harder to compete in.

Why not make a bet on a tool or channel early and see if it can give you (and the company you work at) an advantage?


Former Slack + Zendesk CMO on the podcast...

This week there are two new podcast episodes from Exit Five for you.
1. I did a longer rant on what I wrote above about how being an early adopter can help you grow your career
2. We posted my conversation with former Slack + Zendesk CMO Bill Macaitis from an event we did with G2 a few weeks back on How to Build a Brand. I've had the opportunity to interview Bill a few times in my career now and he always delivered. I thought it was a good ~30 minute conversation on all things brand building that this audience would like so check it out.

How to listen: search for Exit Five podcast everywhere you listen to your podcasts and you'll see it.

PS. THANKS FOR ALL THE NEW LISTENERS. 17 days into January and we've already had the most plays of the podcast in a month since launching in April 2022. Appreciate you continuing to listen and spread the word.

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