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No one cares

Please remember this if you work in marketing:

No one is paying attention to your company.


At least that's the mindset I like to have when doing marketing.


You must assume that your prospect/customer is not paying attention.


Why would they be? 


She's busy. Doing things. Living life. And then she's supposed to magically stop and see your boring ad in the LinkedIn feed, click on it, and want to get a demo? Get out of here with that :) 


Take the mindset that the customer is seldom paying attention. Then do marketing accordingly.


Or take the mindset that "nobody wants to read your shit" as Steven Pressfield has said. Assume no one is interested. Assume no one is thinking about you. And especially in our world, do you think people are lying in bed thinking about B2B software? No.


Now you have the right frame of mind to go do marketing from.


- Dave

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