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What's the ROI of a podcast?

What's the ROI of a podcast?

One of the most common questions I see around B2B startups as it relates to starting (or not starting) a podcast is -- of course -- well what's the expected ROI of that podcast.

But that's where everything starts to go haywire IMO. What makes a podcast great is that it's often *not* a sales channel. It's a way to have conversations, share your POV, talk to dream customers, record it all and repurpose that content across your website, blog, social. So if you go into creating a podcast for business thinking about "well what's the dollar ROI of this going to be" it's going to be an uphill battle. You also need TIME. A podcast will not be an overnight success, so you're going to nee to commit to 6-12 months of doing it consistently before anything real happens.


Let me try it say it a different way:


If you had so much inbound interest from your podcast would you be wondering how you’d measure the success of a podcast?

It’s usually in the middle when it’s not producing anything you can “feel” so you turn to “how will we measure this” to try and reverse justify it.

The ROI of a podcast does not always have to be sales or money. That’s your call. Why are you starting a podcast in the first place? Maybe it’s to get lots of content you can use for other things. Or to get you talking to more ideal customers first hand … or …

I often feel like if you’re asking this question it’s probably not working. Not to cop out on answer but … you know from more inbound - inbound messages about the podcast, meetings, customer, employees who tell you.

I run a 1 person consulting business and today I had two calls with potential clients who told me they listen to the Exit Five podcast every week.

I’ve never once tried to “measure” the podcast but damn do i know it’s working (!!)

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The Exit Five Podcast Therapy for B2B marketers

Think Like A Media Company (New Discussion)

What does it mean "build a media company" ? If you've been around the Exit Five universe or on LinkedIn lately you know that the concept of thinking like a media company is one of the top trends in B2B marketing today.

Palash Soni (CEO of Goldcast) interviewed me for 30 minutes as part of a Goldcast event a few weeks back and I thought there were a lot of points that would be relevant to the Exit Five community, so we turned it into an episode for the Exit Five podcast.

I hope you are subscribed to the podcast wherever you listen, but here's a link to Spotify if you want to sample.


Search for the episode "Exit Five Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts. And if you're reading this and you listen to the podcast, reply back and let me know. It's nice to hear from people who are actually listening.

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