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Steal this LinkedIn move I use

Here's a proactive LinkedIn move to steal

It's hard to build an audience with a cold start, and simply posting content won't just magically draw in an audience.

One thing I've done in the past and recommend to those I know now: be proactive with connections. You can have 30,000 connections before LinkedIn turns it over to "followers" -- and a new connection is essentially someone opting in to see your content. So now the more you publish, the more you increase the chances of those people seeing it.

I've had a target list of accounts that the CEO and I each went and personally connected with, and I'd say > 50% of those people accept the connection. We had a list of 200 accounts and found someone on UpWork to create a list with the CEO and CMO contact at each account, so we got back close to 400 LinkedIn profiles to connect with.

You can also warm up this audience before connecting by first liking and commenting on posts.

I also always try to proactively connect with people that look like my ICP when I'm browsing LinkedIn, reading comments, and seeing suggested people.

You can also search for people that work at companies / search for particular roles.

  • Make proactively connecting part of your daily routine (in addition to starting now with a big list of target accounts // dont even think this has to mean target accounts in some fancy way; who are your dream customers? maybe you're a copywriter or consultant - make a list of the people you want to be your clients)
  • Make proactively commenting on other people's content in your niche part of your daily routine
  • *And then* start posting regular content (hopefully with something to say, something entertaining, educational etc.) I recommend 2 "meat" posts (actual compelling thoughts, industry POV, strong opinions) and 2 "fun" posts / week (fun could be meme, quote, observation, image, etc.) and I recommend only Promoting ("hey signup for this thing we're doing") 1 out of every 5 posts.

Hope this helps.

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