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The Exit Five Newsletter #54

Lead Gen & Gated Content & eBooks 

Are leads dead in B2B?


There’s a lot of debate here about lead gen vs demand gen.

And there’s a lot of talk about ebooks and content downloads and how that approach doesn’t work anymore.

I disagree.

There will ALWAYS be a place in business for generating audiences of potential customers and people who look like good fit customers.

The issue is what happens after.

The issue is that many B2B marketing teams over the years have treated those “downloads” like buyers. And the conversion rates will always be low and sales will always be frustrated and think marketing sucks if you have them call down to ebook downloads.

But if you’re creating an audience of ideal customers - even if it’s a few steps up the funnel from buying - I see no problem with that.

Build an audience. Sell to that audience. That’s an approach to marketing and sales I still believe in. B2B. B2C. Whatever you’re selling.


- Dave

PS. reply back to tell me your POV on this and what's working (or not) at your company

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