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Do you need your boss too much?

Stop relying on your boss.

The less you can rely on your boss, the better.

If you report to a founder or senior exec at a company, they don’t want a Loom video. Or a Google Doc. Or a presentation. Or reports to dig through.

They just want the job done.

Default to getting things done.

Make more decisions on your own. Use your gut. Share status updates on things that have been done.

Your boss does not need another 7 minute Loom video they will never flip through.

Or another five Slack messages.

One thing I used to noticed was if I was offline for a big chunk of the day I would see slack messages in the morning with a question.

Later in the day when I’d check in I’d see that same person write back ”ignore this, I figured it out.”

Make more decisions on your own.

This doesn't happen over night but you can force yourself to do it. For me the forcing function was earlier in my career having a boss who was very hands off and would meet with me and be like "so what have you worked on?" and I would say "uhhhhhhhhh"

Of course there's a lot of nuance here and this will change as you grow + evolve. But I think anyone on your team can be pushed to do more without you.

And if you're a boss / manager who doesn't enable this, it often deep down means you haven't trained your people well enough -- OR it means deep dont you dont actually trust them, which I would point the light back at you and say "well then why did you hire them? are they the wrong fit?" and that's on you.

It's not all layoffs and budget cuts right now.

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If you're a member of the Exit Five community --> I just dropped my GST planning template, which was one of the most popular pieces of content we've created over the last two years, in there for you to steal. It's a simple framework to help you think about creating a marketing plan.


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