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Dear Founder re: LinkedIn

Founder: I am having a hard time hiring marketers.

Me: Are you active on LinkedIn? How often do you talk about what you’re doing there?



Look. LinkedIn is not magic. But for startup founders, there’s no better brand awareness channel. Brand awareness meaning: people knowing that you exist. Not comfortable promoting yourself? Great. That’s what works best. Self-promotional content is not what works anyway so you’re in luck. What works: sharing your ideas and vision for your industry, talking about your customers problems, sharing learnings and observations from what you’re seeing.


That type of content doesn’t just work for attracting customers but it works for attracting people who want to work with you. 


I knew about David Cancel before working at Drift.

I know about Mike Volpe before working at HubSpot.


You don’t have to do it. But Founders that know how to use LinkedIn can create a recruiting and awareness advantage.


Share this with the Founder you work with if you need to.


- Dave


PS. This is not an excerpt from my book Founder Brand but I sat down to write something this morning and this is what came out of my fingers. So maybe I *do* really believe in this ... anyway, the Founder Brand book has sold over 5,000 copies which is more than I could have guessed and it's available on Amazon and I even did the audiobook recording myself. yes the Audible version is me! it was totally worth it. 

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