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Change is hard. We are all human (at least I think, if you're reading this email but who knows there's a lot going on with AI right now).
And when it comes to change, shoot - we don't like to make changes.
Heading into 2023 right now I know many marketers / marketing teams that are being asked to make dramatic changes: changes to your ideal customer, changes to who does what on the team and who reports to who, changes to what channels you're focusing on, changes to the overall company strategy.
But at this point in time you must commit. Your job will be too hard if you continue to fight the changes. It is time to disagree and commit (or hopefully agree and commit, but know that it is OK to disagree). There have been countless times in my career where I have had to make changes or the company has made changes that I did not agree with as it relates to marketing, but things will never workout unless the whole leadership team can COMMIT to these changes.
You might have to give yourself 6 - 12 months to see how things shake out.
The companies that will fail during this time are the ones where the exec team is split and can't commit to making a decision. Or they are half in, half out on a strategy.
But at least live in your CEOs shoes for a minute and try to live in her shoes and see marketing from that lens right now.
You can either complain about it or get on board and try to make that new vision a reality -- and often times THIS is where careers get made. During a big shift in the market, a big shift inside of your company. Things are not perfect but your company is most likely looking for people to commit and lead and help build through this new strategy. I know companies that are changing strategies from enterprise to freemium, from ABM to product led growth, from one ICP to another. How can you be the one to help commit to this strategy and lead right now? Even if the bet ends up being wrong, you will be able to stack 6-12 months of learning, of new channels, of new tactics, of new lessons to your resume and help you selfishly build your marketing playbook by learning through the company you're at right now.
If you find yourself nodding along in some way to this rant I'm writing out right now (it's really me btw, I am writing this email at 1:44 PM on Tuesday Jan 3rd but I'm scheduling this email to go out tomorrow because HOLY INBOX I have gotten a billions emails today I am sure you are getting the same) ...
Then you'll enjoy this conversation on the Exit Five podcast this week with my friend John Short -- we spent an hour talking about this topic and tips to help you navigate "these unprecedented times" (remember that line??) and how to grow your career in a down market and make the most with what you've got at work right now.

Here's a link to listen on Spotify.
Or just search wherever you listen "Exit Five podcast" and you'll find us.


Welcoming Jasper + Demandwell as 2023 Sponsors


I am thrilled to have Jasper and Demandwell onboard as presenting sponsors of Exit Five for 2023.

Smart B2B brands are seeing the opportunities with communities and influencers just like we've seen in the consumer world, and I was blown about by the demand and interest in partnering with Exit Five for this year. Something flipped in the middle of last year where I was getting more inbound interest for sponsorship opportunities for Exit Five than I could handle. And the handful of things we did with sponsors delivered results beyond what I expected for the sponsor companies while delivering real value + education for people looking to learn and grow their careers in B2B marketing.

Rolling into 2023 I knew there was a big opportunity to bring some some partners but I didn't want to spend time chasing down new sponsors every month so I put out a call for sponsors in Q4 and had over 50 B2B SaaS companies interested in doing something for this year and a handful of them stood out. I wanted to work with companies that I knew were interesting to the Exit Five community and companies that are relevant to what is happening today in B2B marketing.

Some of the things we did in 2022 with Shauntle Barley + Mitchell Causey from Demandwell around SEO were the most popular webinars and podcasts we put out. And SEO is not going anywhere. It's changing and Demandwell will be there helping educate marketers about how their strategy needs to evolve beyond "traditional SEO." I've made the mistake of not investing in SEO early enough TWICE in my career (and wishing that the traffic compounding started earlier; sometimes the easiest way to grow faster is to have invested in that channel 6 months ago...), so I figured I can make up for it now by working closely with a company in this space :)

Then over the last 6 months, you've seen AI content tools become one of the hottest topics here on LinkedIn (and privately inside of the Exit Five community and even in text messages from CMO and marketing friends, it's not just hype). Jasper has been everywhere lately I've been blown away by how the product can help marketers like me be more productive, get unstuck writing copy, and so much more across email, newsletters, landing pages, I'm even using Jasper to generate ideas for articles and podcast episodes and concepts for a new show I am working on. And I'm glad Angelica Taylor + Meghan Keaney Anderson + team are placing a bet on Exit Five for 2023.

You'll be seeing more from both of these companies across what I post here and with Exit Five this year: newsletters, webinars, podcasts, and more.


Are You Hiring? Need Jobs on the Exit Five Board


We are down to only 26 open roles in the last 30 days right now on the Exit Five job board.


But I know that it's been slow over the holidays and Q1 is hopefully going to see a bump in marketing jobs

The Exit Five job board reaches ~4,000 B2B marketing candidates each month and it's a great place to get more eyeballs on your open roles (or to browse if you're reading this and looking for something new).


Learn more at jobs.exitfive.com.


It is 100% free for any reader + company to post an open marketing job to the board.


Here's the hoping companies begin hiring again in Q1 2023.


I posted this in E5 yesterday...


Reply back if you can relate to this.


I've been there...


Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 1.50.57 PM 


Join 3,200 B2B marketing pros in the E5 community if you're not already.


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