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Buckle up, marketers

Marketing has to be the revenue department.

Buckle up.

If you're in SaaS you've seen / felt what's happening with the economy first-hand. Either you've had to make layoffs, your budget has been cut, or your company is doing OK but buying is slowing down.

I'm not writing this to send you into a panic. There are many great companies out there that will continue to grow. And many more that will survive and then thrive after having been forced to make changes.

But there's no better time to get back to basics with marketing.

Only the marketing programs that can prove revenue will survive right now.

Marketers will be asked now more than ever to justify their spend. It’s easy for the CEO and CFO to want cut marketing. But marketing can often be the fuel to get through a tough time. The less you know, the easier it is to cut. Now is the time to stop spending on things that aren’t working or you aren’t able to know are working. There’s no room for waste. Make it hard for them to cut marketing

- Dave


Speaking of driving revenue... here's a framework for thinking about it from Chris Walker (Refine Labs CEO)

My guest on the podcast this week is Chris Walker and we talked about a scientific process/framework you can use to build, prove, and scale marketing programs they are calling Revenue R&D. I like it. I wish I had something like this a few years ago. A framework to help think through marketing planning, figuring out where to make bets for the year, and most importantly how to prove and scale new channels.

One of the lessons I learned the hard was about finding the next 1-2-3 channels *before* you need them. All of the sudden the revenue plan jumps 25% and you can't just "do more" of what's been working, but you need to find new scalable revenue channels. And you can't just turn them on in 30 days. You need to be testing, building, proving months in advance so then you can dump the budget + people there when you actually need it, and you've already done the work to test it out in some way so the CFO feels good about giving you the budget to invest.

Anyway, listen to this episode I think you'll get something from the always thoughtful + making me think Chris Walker.

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Have you been listening to the Exit Five podcast? I think we've been bringing the B2B marketing heat lately, but what do I know.


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+8 New Open Jobs This Week - Exit Five Job Board

Now 63 open roles.


Added 8 new roles to the job board this week. I'm still seeing some good opportunities weekly through the Exit Five job board.

Which is contrary to what I wrote above, but there are definitely companies hiring right now.


As of today there are 63 open roles on the Exit Five job board including:

  • Group Marketing Manager, BourkeHood
  • Senior Copywriter/Content Strategist, Block Club
  • Brand Manager, Block Club
  • Demand Gen. Manager at Upshift.work
  • Market Analyst at Nitrex
  • Growth Manager at Quipli
  • Account Manager at No Middle
  • Paid Marketing Manager at Bionic
  • Director of Marketing at Peak Support
  • Head of Marketing at Send

The Exit Five job board reaches ~4,000 B2B marketing candidates each month and it's a great place to get more eyeballs on your open roles (or to browse if you're reading this and looking for something new).


Learn more at jobs.exitfive.com.

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