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Nurture nurture nurture

The solution is never more lead nurturing.

I don’t mean that example specially, but here’s what I’m trying to articulate - the marketing team often defaults to the smallest possible solutions...

Hey we are not hitting pipeline goals and revenue targets. Maybe we need better nurturing, improved conversion, this tool or that tool, this one thing for the sales team, etc.

When SO OFTEN the only way to really break through the plateau is to make a BIG SWING.

It’s rare that the tiny little funnel optimizations make an impact in the way you need. The root cause is often deeper and usually comes down to story, ICP, product fit.

Just a reminder you might need to take a step back this week and (not to use some fluffly jargon but I don't know what else to say) look at the bigger picture :)

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It's not all layoffs and budget cuts right now !!

We are seeing an uptick in jobs posted to the Exit Five job board the last two weeks. There are currently 70 open B2B marketing roles posted in the last 30 days.

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There are open roles right now for:

- Performance Marketer
- Head of Marketing
- Director of Demand Gen
- Growth Marketing Manager
- Content Marketing Lead (first marketing hire)

They are all across the board, it's awesome if you're looking --> checkout the Exit Five Job Board.

The Exit Five Podcast Therapy for B2B marketers

"Great marketers are first principles thinkers. Think simple."

That's what Palash (CEO of Goldcast) told me he is learning about marketing at a startup, and I loved that lesson so wanted to call it out - right at the beginning of this podcast.

Search for the episode "Exit Five Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts. Here's the link on Spotify if you're itching to listen right now.

Multiple Exit Five members are using this template to present marketing strategy to the CEO (new)

If you're a member of the Exit Five community --> I just dropped my GST planning template, which was one of the most popular pieces of content we've created over the last two years, in there for you to steal. It's a simple framework to help you think about creating a marketing plan.


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