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Marketing backwards

I like to do marketing backwards.

And start with the audience first.

Marketing and sales are about the feedback loop. The quicker you can get feedback from the people you’re trying to sell something to, the better thing you can create. It is an incredible advantage to be able to test ideas quickly with an email and then Google Form / Typeform.


Vs having to take 3 weeks to do research, build a website, get 3 visitors a day, no response to cold messages etc…

An audience is one of the biggest “growth hacks” you can find for selling any product or service.

“And, for safest results, work backward: have the market and marketing in place first, then invent.” - Dan Kennedy

*We Can Turn Your Founder Into A Thought Leader

One of the top requests I get is to do something in the content / social media space for Founders & CEOs.

So my team is exploring launching a new service where we'll do just that: help startup founders/CEOs build trust and credibility online without having to hire a traditional PR agency.

We'll help create written thought leadership content for your blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We are in a unique position to do this and have already seen this make a big impact on both growth and employment branding with a few founders behind the scenes. If you are interested in being a client starting in September 2022 fill out the info here and we'll reach out if there's a good fit. Demand for this service will be high, so we're only going to be able to work with a limited number of founders in the beginning so for now this is application only.

OK now back to your regularly scheduled email inbox navigating.

Hiring Marketers? Looking For A New Job?

Reach thousands of B2B marketers every month through the Exit Five job board.

It's 100% free for any company to post a B2B marketing role, plus you can promote jobs to reach more people over 30 days.

There are currently 50 open roles and the job board and I get emails like this a few times a month.

I also added a new option that will allow you to get your job promoted in this newsletter here and on the Exit Five podcast.

Here's where you can post a job on the Exit Five job board.


Mailbag Podcast - We Took Your Questions

I was looking for something different to do with the podcast this week so we took on questions from the Exit Five community covering everything from category creation to career development to juggling priorities with limited budget.

Me + guest Breezy Beaumont (Head of Growth at Correlated) recorded 45 minutes of Q&A for this mailbag episode of the Exit Five podcast.

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