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Your Team Is Building Their Personal Brand. Let Them. (Exit Five Newsletter #92)

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I have a quick thought I wanted to share with you this week.


Before I do, I have to say: I'm so excited for the next 6 months we have lined up at Exit Five! I'm even using an exclamation point, that's how excited I am.


Dan is back from paternity leave. Matt helped organize an amazing line up of events and content this month for members (check it out)


And we're doing our first live event in Burlington, VT in September. More on the event coming soon.


But anyways, here's what I wanted to share with you this week...

Your Team Is Building Their Personal Brand. Let Them.

"But isn't it risky?"
If an employee at your company builds a "personal brand" on LinkedIn you should encourage them, not worry about it.
Because if this employee builds their "personal brand" that also means that:

  • They are driving more awareness for your company
  • The company is benefitting from that awareness 

This employee just became more valuable. 


If you want to keep them around, pay them more. 
They just created more value for the business, but you're stuck in scarcity mode and worrying about what happens if they leave vs. finding a way to make them a part of the company's future. 
The company is expected to get all of the value without giving anything back? And then be mad when the employee leaves? 
Incentivize them to stay.


P.S. If you're building your personal brand right now, here's an email you can forward to you boss about the ROI of it 😉. My team is, and it's been great for our business. Reply and let me know if that's you.



#128: Marketing Leadership - The Role of The CMO, Taking a New Job, Making Changes In The Marketing Org (With Peter Mahoney)


On episode 128, I was joined by Peter Mahoney, CMO of GoTo. Prior to that, he was the CMO at Nuance Communications and later founded Plannuh, which was acquired by Planful.

Peter is the author of The Next CMO: A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence, a book that teaches you how to form marketing goals, create a strategy, build a plan, craft impactful campaigns, optimize budgetary spending, and measure true ROI.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Peter got back into the game as CMO after being CEO at Plannuh
  • How he landed his role at GoTo
  • What his strategy has been coming into a new company as CMO (and a company that has been around for a while)
  • How do you make changes in a marketing org?
  • What does his team look like at GoTo? What are they focused on?

Peter is a master at marketing strategy and execution, and this episode will teach you a lot of that. 

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

Or find it everywhere you listen by searching "Exit Five" podcast.

Ross Simmonds (1)


Ask Ross anything about content distribution


Ross Simmonds will be in the community for an asynchronous AMA. His new book, Create Once, Distribute Forever: How Great Creators Spread Their Ideas and How You Can Too, launches on April 9th, so we have him in the community a week early to answer any questions related to the topic of his book—content distribution. 

Tell him what your content engine looks like today, what results you’re seeing, and your goals. He’ll provide feedback on your distribution playbook and share examples/tips to help you improve. Things like:

  • We create 4 blog posts per month and post each one on LinkedIn, what else can we be doing?
  • We have a YouTube channel with 1k subscribers, how can we amplify this content?
  • We send 1 email newsletter per month, are some distribution strategies that make sense for us?

Click here to submit your question about content distribution for Ross



Who's Hiring Right Now



RethinkFirst is looking for a Growth Marketing Director for its RethinkCare division to lead marketing campaigns targeting HR and Benefits leaders in Fortune 500 organizations, utilizing expertise in demand generation and product marketing within a high-growth SaaS environment and coordinating cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious growth targets. If you're interested, you can apply here

Tribunus Health is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager. As the first fully dedicated marketing hire, you'll be in charge of communicating those features to a market with unique characteristics. Success in this role will directly impact Tribunus Health's ability to grow and reach a dominant market share. If you're interested, you can apply here


Other open roles on the Exit Five job board this week:

  • RethinkFirst is hiring a Social Media Manager. Remote Role
  • ContactMonkey is hiring a Senior Website Growth Lead. Remote Role.
  • MightyScout is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager $90-$110k salary. Remote Role.
  • Culture Partners is hiring an Associate Marketing Director. $120-$140k salary. Remote Role.
  • Flowhub is hiring a Demand Generation Manager. Remote Role. $95-$125k salary.

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