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Exit Five Newsletter #90: Stand Out

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Stand Out

Here's an idea to help you grow pipeline faster:




I've had a few hits as a marketer (despite my status today as a Thought Leader ™️ on LinkedIn I have actually had a few wins in this space).


But talk to anyone that's worked with me and they will tell you:


- I'm not great at SEO

- I don't much much about paid

- I'm not the guy you want optimizing the funnel

- I've never really done ABM

- I have no clue about "marketing to the enterprise"

- Field marketing? Forget about it


So how is it possible to rack up a few wins?


Well I'm great at three things:

  1. Positioning
  2. Building a brand identity and voice that stands out from the competition
  3. Creating a megaphone to distribute that positioning, messaging, and identity


And I think we waste SO. MUCH. TIME. obsessing over the tactics and tiny little tweaks. 


We waste so much time arguing about demand capture vs. demand generation, and should you create a category, and do leads still matter, and this one fella things MQLs don't work anymore what do you think?


But at the end of the day, want to know the evergreen, failproof way to drive pipeline?


The one that gets you out of the weeds? The one that gets you hired over and over again? The one that has well-funded competitors pulling their hairs out? The one that has VCs asking you behind the scenes to go and work for their *other* portfolio companies?


It's about standing out.


Yes. Throw out all the marketing and industry jargon. 


It comes down to differentiation and building a brand that STANDS OUT.


That's where I'd go place all my chips if I had the opportunity to do it all again.


🎧 #124: How to Create Memorable Events that Drive Pipeline (with Kera Wright, Founder of Planner Pal)


I'm joined by Kera Wright, Founder of Planner Pal. Kera ran Event Marketing at companies like Microdesk and Aircall, where she managed planning and execution at high-profile trade shows like Dreamforce and INBOUND. She has now founded her own company to help marketing teams host better events.


Kera shares her approach to organizing events, covering everything from project management to cost control. Learn how to host memorable events with your customers at a fraction of the cost and why focusing on a few key moments can make all the difference in the success of your event. Plus, I bounce ideas off Kera for the Exit Five in-person event in September.

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

Or find it everywhere you listen by searching "Exit Five" podcast.

🎧 #125: How Chili Piper's New VP of Marketing Landed His Job (with Brandon Redlinger)


Brandon Redlinger is the VP of Marketing at Chili Piper. Brandon takes us through how he landed his new role at Chili Piper against hundreds of applicants and
  • How to think through and negotiate compensation
  • When to leave your job and how to break up with your employer
  • Tips for nailing interviews for competitive positions
  • Determining company culture and values in the interview process

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

Or find it everywhere you listen by searching "Exit Five" podcast.

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The State of Email Marketing in B2B


59% of B2B marketers say email is their top channel for pipeline creation. Email is still king.

But it's more challenging than ever to write emails that cut through the noise, follow email provider spam rules, and create high-quality emails in a reasonable time frame.


This Exit Five Live session with Knak on March 21st will teach you how to overcome these challenges, even as technology and what people expect keep changing.


Joining us is Brendan Farnand, the Co-Founder and CCO at Knak. Being an enterprise marketer himself, and having talked with thousands of enterprise marketing teams Brendan is at the forefront of the challenges they face with email creation, and what they’re doing to fix them. 


Reserve your spot for this session



Who's Hiring Right Now



RethinkFirst is looking for a Growth Marketing Director for its RethinkCare division to lead marketing campaigns targeting HR and Benefits leaders in Fortune 500 organizations, utilizing expertise in demand generation and product marketing within a high-growth SaaS environment and coordinating cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious growth targets. If you're interested, you can apply here

Tribunus Health is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager. As the first fully dedicated marketing hire, you'll be in charge of communicating those features to a market with unique characteristics. Success in this role will directly impact Tribunus Health's ability to grow and reach a dominant market share. If you're interested, you can apply here


Other open roles on the Exit Five job board this week:

  • RethinkFirst is hiring a Social Media Manager. Remote Role
  • ContactMonkey is hiring a Senior Website Growth Lead. Remote Role.
  • Tiugo Technologies is hiring a Director of Content Marketing. Remote role.
  • MightyScout is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager $90-$110k salary. Remote Role.
  • Culture Partners is hiring an Associate Marketing Director. $120-$140k salary. Remote Role.
  • Flowhub is hiring a Demand Generation Manager. Remote Role. $95-$125k salary.

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