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Exit Five Newsletter #89: The First Three Marketing Hires

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The First Three Marketing Hires

Hey, Dave here.


This week I have a question for you and I hope you’ll send me a reply.

Who are your first three hires on a fresh marketing team, and why?


Now, a lot of this is stage and budget dependent… but let’s just suspend the nuance for a bit and have some fun with it.


Here’s my answer:

  1. The promoter. Someone who can write, but also knows how to get the word out - social, copy, email, webinars, etc.
  2. The designer. Need the designer so you can move fast on website, ads, creative etc.
  3. The math person. Someone who understands funnels and conversion and really build the plumbing/Ops/analytics you need to build a marketing machine. Machine doesn’t mean big. But machine means predictable, repeatable, quantifiable growth.


What would your first three hires be on your dream marketing team?

OR are you going to be the first person to reply back and tell me none, you’d hire AI 🙂


- Dave


PS. Hope you’re having a productive week. Do you work for a CEO who gets marketing? LMK


🎧 #123: How To Run Marketing, Creating Categories, and the Role of Marketing in Revenue Growth (with Kyle Coleman from Copy.ai)


This week I'm joined by Kyle Coleman, CMO at Copy.ai. Kyle went from Individual Contributor to Senior Director at Looker and Director to CMO at Clari. During his time there, he helped both companies 10x their revenue.


In this episode, we chat about
  • The importance of leadership team alignment and why the CRO & CFO should be your best friend
  • How marketing can impact pipeline and the standard it should be held to
  • Why you should build a marketing calendar around the product roadmap

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

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The State of Email Marketing in B2B


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Joining us is Brendan Farnand, the Co-Founder and CCO at Knak. Being an enterprise marketer himself, and having talked with thousands of enterprise marketing teams Brendan is at the forefront of the challenges they face with email creation, and what they’re doing to fix them. 


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Who's Hiring Right Now



RethinkFirst is looking for a Growth Marketing Director for its RethinkCare division to lead marketing campaigns targeting HR and Benefits leaders in Fortune 500 organizations, utilizing expertise in demand generation and product marketing within a high-growth SaaS environment and coordinating cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious growth targets. If you're interested, you can apply here

Tribunus Health is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager. As the first fully dedicated marketing hire, you'll be in charge of communicating those features to a market with unique characteristics. Success in this role will directly impact Tribunus Health's ability to grow and reach a dominant market share. If you're interested, you can apply here


Other open roles on the Exit Five job board this week:

  • RethinkFirst is hiring a Social Media Manager. Remote Role
  • ContactMonkey is hiring a Senior Website Growth Lead. Remote Role.
  • MightyScout is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager $90-$110k salary. Remote Role.
  • Culture Partners is hiring an Associate Marketing Director. $120-$140k salary. Remote Role.
  • Spellbook is hiring a Senior Demand Gen Lead. Remote role. 
  • Flowhub is hiring a Demand Generation Manager. Remote Role. $95-$125k salary.

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