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Exit Five Newsletter #88: Money

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Hey, Dave here.


This week the thing on my mind is money.


Ugh, gross, really Dave? Money?

Yes. Money. Because you know what - unfortunately that’s the way the world works. You need money. They haven’t created a better system yet, so this is what we got.


Anyway.. Here’s a story for you.

A few years ago at work, I was really crushing it. Doing a great job for this company. I helped put them on the map, I generated millions of dollars in pipeline. I knew I made a big impact on the company.

But one day I hit the wall and I started to get resentful.

I’m sure you’ve been there right? All of a sudden it just … happens.


I thought I wasn’t getting enough credit.


I knew I was outperforming others at my level inside the company (and getting paid much, much less).


… but then, right before New Years my boss reached out and gave me a huge bonus. Out of the blue.

It wasn’t a $2,500 bonus. It was like, more money than I made in a year of my first job, right there - in one payment.

And man…


That cured everything. It had me feeling great, and loved, and re-motivated heading into the year.


I am writing this to say that at work, you know what?


Sometimes it is about the money.


Take care of your top people - or they will leave and find the money elsewhere (it’s there).

This requires more than a pat on the back (can you even do that today?) or a “nice job” in Slack.  It’s about more than a shoutout in a company meeting.

It’s about money.


It’s almost always easier to pay the top performers more to keep them. Even if it’s much more. And it’s almost always worth it.


You know that one person on your team … what would you do without them?

Or shoot, maybe that person is you and you’re now realizing that you’re underpaid and under appreciated at work.

It’s OK to want more money.

The “nice job”s only go so far.

- Dave


PS. Can you relate to this story? Or want to vent? Reply back. The Exit Five team and I read every reply. Let’s chat if you want.


🎧 Podcast #121: B2B Content Strategy, Distribution Tactics, and Organic Social (with Ross Simmonds)


This week, I'm joined by the one and only Ross Simmonds. Ross is the Founder & CEO of Foundation, a content marketing agency that strategizes, distributes, and optimizes content for some of the most successful SaaS companies in the world and works as partners for multiple publicly traded cloud companies that have redefined entire industries. 


We discuss things like

  • Prioritizing search as a distribution channel
  • Why social followers are not a vanity metric
  • Using and enabling the sales team for content distribution
  • How to repurpose your most popular content

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

Or find it everywhere you listen by searching "Exit Five" podcast.

🎧 Podcast #122: Improve the B2B Buying Experience with Interactive Product Demos (with Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic)


This is a recording from an Exit Five Live Session with Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic.


In this episode, we cover 

  • Why buyers are switching to a more "self-service" model of buying
  • How interactive demos stack up against traditional marketing education like videos or ads
  • Tips to create a product story with your interactive demo that gets you a 30% CTR
  • The most common questions marketers have about interactive demos

Listen to the Episode Now on Spotify

Or find it everywhere you listen by searching "Exit Five" podcast.

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Who's Hiring Right Now


HOT JOB OF THE WEEK:  ContactMonkey is seeking a Senior Website Growth Lead to optimize their website conversion funnel, leverage analytics to improve user experience and increase conversions from organic content-driven traffic. This role involves analyzing user behavior, identifying optimization opportunities, and implementing testing strategies in collaboration with the Growth and Demand Generation teams to enhance demo requests, trial sign-ups, and content downloads.

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Other open roles on the Exit Five job board this week:

  • Spellbook is hiring a Senior Demand Gen Lead. Remote role. 

  • Flowhub is hiring a Demand Generation Manager. Remote Role. $95-$125k salary.



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