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Exit Five Newsletter #84: Be The Expert For Your Ideal Customer

Two quick side stories for you: 

#1 When’s the right time to send an email?

We were sending this thing on Friday’s but it turns out Friday gets lower opens than earlier in the week.

Do you believe in benchmarks like this?

I do sometimes. But also I take them with a grain of salt. I feel like data comes out that says the best time to send an email is 1 PM on Thursday; next thing you know everyone is blasting off emails at that time and no one has the bandwidth to read your email.

#2 I finally got sick

Man, so I’ve been doing this whole cold water thing for a few months now (no one has had a bigger year than the cold plunge btw, talk about a viral sensation). Anyway: I’ve been doing cold showers, and talking so much trash to my friends and my wife about how it has helped my immune system. The kids have been sick, but I haven’t gotten sick.

Until this week. Boom. They got me. The nose. The headache. The chills. The fever.

But I’m on the recovery, and I guess I’ll have to upgrade from Cold Showers to Cold Plunge and see if that’s where the immune protection happens.


Alright let’s talk about marketing this week.

Be The Expert For Your Ideal Customer

If I had to pick just ONE strategy for B2B marketing, it would be this. If I had to sum it all up into one line:


Become the expert for your dream customer.

Don't be (just) a vendor. Be their go-to resource. Be the expert.


Customers will follow.


When I was a young marketing manager with no experience, I remember religiously following HubSpot's content.


I didn't have a peer group. I didn't have much experience.


But they were writing useful, practical content tailored to help me do my job.


- Here's how to build a budget

- Here's a framework for evaluating marketing bets


Things like that.


That content (quite literally) made me smarter at my job.


Gong helped reps get smarter about sales.


Drift taught a new way of doing marketing (chat vs. lead forms).


This strategy can work for selling into sales, marketing, HR, finance, product, engineering, etc.


Be the guide on your ideal customer's journey.

I am sure you have examples like this from your experience - the companies you have followed and actually learned from (vs just seeing their webinar promos).


Donald Miller’s great book Story Brand talks about the character (your customer) meeting the guide (you, the company) and I love that concept.

How can you be the guide that gives your customer the plan to help them avoid failure and be successful?

That’s the best B2B marketing playbook I know.

But, hey what do I know.


- Dave

P.S. Reply back and let me know if this story resonates with what you’re doing at your company (or if you have any other examples of what has worked for you)


🎧 Episode #116: Do you really want to be CMO? Returning from parental leave, what's working in B2B marketing today (with Amanda Natividad)


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