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Exit Five Newsletter #78: AI to Streamline Content Creation

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Streamline Content Creation With AI


Speaking of streamlining - this is a quick one for you. 


I’m guessing at least a handful of you are thinking about how to streamline work in 2024 with AI.


We recently had a convo in the community about how people are using AI to streamline content production - here’s what was shared. 


Audience research: 

Tell GPT it’s a CIO (or any other persona) and ask it a bunch of questions to learn about pains, goals etc. 



Upload a content draft, and ask GPT to point out the edits that it would make to the piece. It highlights sections that could be simplified, are difficult to read, or areas that could be expanded. 


Outline generation: 

People use it for keyword research, creating outlines, and adding ideas so that you’re not starting with a blank page. 



Give GPT a long piece of content like a whitepaper, and have it generate blogs, video scripts, LinkedIn posts, etc. 



Sharing a content piece written in American English, and having GPT update it to UK, Australian English etc. 



People are definitely using GPT for editing, but Grammarly is still a favorite for catching typos. 



One person asks GPT to straight rewrite all of their content - presumably to capture a different tone or voice.


When to retain human involvement: 

A number of people also chimed in to share where they’re still involving old-fashioned human time in the content creation process as well. This comes down to your own preference, and how GPT does with your content. It might take some testing to figure out what works for you - here's what some had to say: 

  1. All content still edited by humans 
  2. Content outlined by humans 
  3. Run content through plagiarism / AI checkers 
  4. Include an SME review for each piece

Here's to enjoying the last sips of 2023, and starting 2024 with a full cup.  

Shauntle and Zula

PS. Are you reading? Reply back and let me know, I love getting replies... 

PPS. Wintery walks

wintery walks

🎧 Podcast #108: Content Operations, Treating Content Like a Product, and Optimizing for the SERPs (with Janine Anderson, Content Operations Manager at Zapier)


In this week's episode, Dave talks with Janine Anderson about her Content Operations Manager role Zapier, and the career moves that led her to this point.

They cover:

  • How content should meet the intent of the searcher
  • Distribution to get in front of the right people if inbound isn’t an option
  • Re-optimizing content when it falls out of the SERPs
  • How Zapier thinks about measuring content
  • How content influences behaviors later in the funnel
  • And other content rants from Dave and Janine that you don't want to miss

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