Because Nobody Goes To School For B2B Marketing

Exitfive is a membership site designed to help you build a successful career in B2B marketing. Get access to an online resource that’s jam packed with helpful content and a private community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and exchange ideas with peers.

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Brandon Cox

Joining the exitfive community is one of the best things I’ve done for my marketing career. The value that this group brings to vetting ideas, giving recommendations and advice, and helping lift each other up is worth the price of admission — and then some. Dave Gerhardt has built something really special.

Jeff Porter
Marketing at EventPipe

Just a few days in as a member of the exitfive community and I can already see how it's changing the game for B2B Marketers.

Looking for inspiration from great campaigns and copywriting examples? ✅ 

Need a recommendation for a freelance graphic designer? ✅
Want to get feedback on a new content idea? ✅

And that's barely scratching the surface.

Elizabeth L.
Managing Director - LabOps Unite

As a marketer you need a place to make sure you feel less crazy on a regular basis.

My go-to is exitfive. It is a community full of marketers who want to help each other do good marketing, advance their careers and support each other.

Benefits of membership

Because nobody goes to school for B2B marketing

You can’t get a degree in “how to build pipeline.” There isn’t a playbook for how to get promoted to VP. And that’s exactly why we built exitfive.

Affordable Expertise

A membership to exitfive is like a specialized MBA in B2B marketing - but at a fraction of the cost (and you don’t have to leave your house).

Community Access

There’s a discussion forum to share ideas, get feedback on marketing strategy, get marketing examples, ask about benchmarks, or even vent about your CEO. Members-only

Marketing Resources

You’ll find recommendations for agencies to work with, reviews of software vendors, and get referrals for contractors that can do everything from social media to video production to marketing ops.

Exclusive Insights

exitfive is the place to ask the questions you wouldn’t ask on LinkedIn, and you’ll get insights that you won’t get from Google.

Why join exitfive

Five reasons to join
exitfive right now


You want to invest in your career as a marketing leader in B2B marketing


You are looking for a peer group of marketing leaders; people doing the same things you're doing at work every day. A group you can share ideas with, get feedback from, and vent to.


You want to cut down on the noise. You want one place you can turn to get B2B marketing knowledge.


You want recommendations from your peers on which agencies to work with; where to find freelance copywriters and videographers; you want feedback on deciding between ZoomInfo vs. Apollo or 6Sense vs. Demandbase.

And PS. here’s a bonus reason

exitfive is only getting better. This is just the beginning. After two years of just Dave running this business solo, we hired an outstanding team and we’re investing in making this the best resource out there for B2B marketers today. We’re going all in on exitfive as a resource to help you become a successful B2B marketing leader.

Become a member
Not ready to pay for a membership?
No worries. Here are two great free resources for you:

The exitfive podcast

Each week Dave sits down with a B2B marketing leader or subject matter expert for our podcast. We've covered topics from ABM to SEO to how to become a CMO. To date there’s been 130+ episodes and over 300,000 listeners. It’s one of the best podcasts out there for B2B marketers today and you can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere you listen.

Listen to audio narration

Behind exitfive

exitfive was started by Dave Gerhardt. Dave is a former VP of Marketing and CMO. He worked at Drift ($1B valuation) and Privy ($100M+ acquisition) and has spent the last 10+ years working in B2B SaaS. He’s also the author of the book Founder Brand.

Anyway ... Dave called this thing exitfive. Here’s the story in his words...

“Living in Boston my wife and I would always escape to her parents house in the woods in Vermont and I grew to love it and Vermont became a place of inspiration for me during my career. I would be stuck on work things all week, but in Vermont going for walks, sauna, golf, hiking, being off the grid, that is the place I would find clarity and get inspiration. So much so that my Mother In Law will joke "what new ideas are you going to come up with this weekend?" To get to their house you get off at exit five. So that's where it comes from. And my hope is that exitfive in the digital form can be that type of place where B2B marketing leaders can get unstuck and inspired with new ideas.”

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