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Marketing Snacks #3

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A Different Angle to Building a Winning Strategy


It's very common to think about a tactic that's worked in the past, and slap it onto a new company/audience/context/team. You focus on the activity - the WHAT (i.e. webinars drive leads) rather than the WHO, the WHY, and the most logical path to your intended outcomes.


This is thinking in the wrong direction...tactics should be the thing that you land on, once you consider everything else: 

  1. How do customers buy/what do customers need help with?
  2. What's your secret sauce as a company relative to competitors? 
  3. Does your team have any special abilities that should be leveraged? 

Some examples from a previous role of mine that stand out for the above questions: 

  1. Customers were typically the only person in their function, so they craved meeting others at different companies with the same job. Tactics could be: community, live events etc
  2. A really charismatic CEO, a more fun brand/culture, a more nimble team - we can take more risks, have a more relatable vibe 
  3. CSMs have an insanely deep knowledge of the problem and solution (leverage that team somehow in your marketing work) 

Layer onto this - what could you create/build/do that is truly awesome. Raise the bar for yourself. When the bar is so high it feels out of reach... mobilize your company and team's secret sauce and chase after that.


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