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Brooklyn Heights

Bordered by Atlantic Avenue to the south, Cadman Park and Court Street to the east, Brooklyn Heights commands a spectacular view of lower Manhattan. History abounds at every turn. It was here that George Washington slipped his troops across the East River while the English slept. Columbia Heights was the residence of the Roebling family while they constructed the Brooklyn Bridge. A casual stroll in the proximity of the Heights Promenade will turn up quaint two story carriage houses as well as wood frame residences dating from the 19th century.

Atlantic Avenue boasts Mideastern delights galore while Montague Street is where the young at heart can be found at all hours. Brooklyn's Borough Hall is located just off Court Street, so named because of the Federal, City and State Courts nearby. For those who commute to the city, Brooklyn Heights is a mere ten minute subway ride to Manhattan.

About Our Maps & Streets

Our maps and scrollable streets are not drawn to scale. Our maps are meant to convey a sense of what you'll find when you walk the neighborhoods. Since our web space is limited, we have adopted the following conventions.

"Apartments" indicates a multifamily building or buildings, generally without a stoop. "Residences" are buildings with stoops and may be multifamily. "Residence" (singular) is a single building. "Residences" (plural) may indicate two our three attached buildings.

Storefront note:

Wherever storefronts (yellow) are indicated, they are most likely to be three or four story brick buildings with apartments above. A vacant storefront in no way indicates that the entire building is vacant.

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