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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity...


Giclee Prints- T-Shirts - Pillows & Rugs - Videos - Calendars


Old Post Office Gallery - Georgetown Center, Me
When open during the summer season, may have a few of Dahlov's prints for sale

Giclée Reproductions

Full color reproductions featuring Dahlov's oil paintings.

Giclee are full color,
high resolution limited edition color prints - each shrink-wrapped and mounted on foam-core. Now available for sale from Rachel Walls Fine Art (Dahlov'sGallery). Each print has a unique number from 1 to 50, but is not signed (other than the original signature on the painting).

Giclee Print Images & Prices (enlarge images by using pdf "+" button)

All available through Dahlov's Gallery -

Rachel Walls Fine Art by appointment
1000 Shore Road, Building 326,
Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

For more inquiries contact Bob Ipcar via email ( and we'll go from there.

Note - Dahlov retains all rights to reproduction of her works.


Dahlov T-Shirts by Liberty Graphics
Located right here in Maine! Visit their Portland store on the waterfront.

Cat at Night ladies

Cat at Night youth

Little Fisherman youth

Little Fisherman adult


Dahlov Ipcar Children's Rugs & Pillows... additional designs for 2012

Barbara Barran, President of Classic Rug Collection, Inc. has just annouced a licensed line of children's rugs and pillow's featuring designs from Dahlov's children's books. Consisting of chain stitched wool thread on natural canvas, the pillows and rugs in the collection are made by hand in Kashmir.

Ordering information is available at



Dahlov On Video...

Maine Masters Project DVD video about about Dahlov. Now available through Islandport Press

Short Film about Dahlov, c. 1976
Actually this was shot by her son, Bob Ipcar, for the US Information Agency. It was directed by the late John Clayton. Have no idea how it turned up on YouTube.

Credit Youtube user historicfilms:


Dahlov's 2015 Cats Calendar



Dahlov Ipcar’s cats leap unbound from the page and onto the wall with this new calendar featuring 12 separate months of stunning images. From the backyard to the barnyard to the jungle, Ipcar’s Cats 2015 Poster Calendar culls illustrations from several of Ipcar’s best-selling books in a bold format that is both beautiful and useful. The simplicity of the design, combined with the vision of this instantly recognizable artist, elevates a daily convenience into a stunning work of art that can be used all year long to decorate home or office.

Each page of the poster calendar may be hung or framed separately, or displayed together as a single year. And once the year is over, the images will continue to enhance any wall simply by removing the calendar band at the bottom. Now you can enjoy this wonderful artist’s work all the time, whether you are already a fan or a devoted cat lover.

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Dahlov "Full Circle" Calendar for 2014

Islandport Press announces a gorgeous new calendar featuring 15 "Circle Paintings" by Dahlov

order from Islandport Press

order from Georgetown Historical Society

Twenty-five years ago, legendary Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar was fascinated by the images she saw looking through a kaleidoscope. The then-71-year-old, who regularly seeks new inspiration for her paintings, set out to bring that same dramatic look to her art. To accomplish her vision, she painted circles within circles, making sure each new layer pulsated with energy, color, and patterns. The result was the breathtaking "Cat Mandala," the first of her so-called "Circle Paintings, which she unveiled in 1988.

Over the following 23 years, she created fourteen more circle paintings, each featuring a different animal theme ranging from the real to the imagined to the fanciful, from Australia to Asia, merry-go-rounds to blue moons. One critic called these paintings "a rich visual feast, an experience full of zest, color, and magical imagery." Islandport Press will feature all fifteen of Ipcar's Circle Paintings in "Dahlov Ipcar Full Circle," a 2014 calendar that offers a remarkable year-long visual treat.


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