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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity...


Never too early to start your career...

Dahlov Zorach (Ipcar)
Reindeer Train
Crayon on paer 8.5 X 11
1920 - Age 4 1/2



Inspired by Dahlov - The Younger Generation

School Class Inspired By Dahlov

I learned about your mother’s artwork while visiting Maine last summer. I loved everything about it, especially the patterns. This year I introduced her artwork to my elementary art students. I wanted to share some of their work with you so you could see how her art captured their imaginations.

Below is a link to an album from this project, please feel free to post these artworks on your website’s kid’s page. These artworks are from students in grades 1-3 in Carlsbad Municipal Schools in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Thank you so much for keeping up the website and Facebook page. I have loved learning about Dahlov Ipcar’s career and seeing her lovely artwork.

Laura Thurston



December 2015

To see a series of wondeful short stories and poems based on Dahlov's illustrations, Click on the pdf link.


I teach third grade in Bath, Maine. My students have enjoyed Dahlov Ipcar’s books immensely, and wanted to share some of their stories and poems with her. I have attached their work, which was inspired by her joyful artwork. 

Joan Newkirk






March 2015

"Jack Ellis Cashman (age 5) lives in Brunswick, Maine with his parents, Birgitta Peterson & Kevin Cashman, and big brother, Sam.

The fish he drew on the card for Dahlov were inspired by the fish in The Calico Jungle. Jack is in Kindergarten. He says that Dahlov's images tickle his brain.







His loves play of all kinds: hide and seek, Rock, Paper, Scissors, sledding, hiking, board games, puzzles, and imaginary games.  He also loves to read, cook and create.  He is a daydreamer, a snuggler, a goofball, an artist, and a thoughtful friend.  He loves his family most of all and is happiest when they are all together."






April 2014
From Anders Daly - age 5
Trout Lake, Washington









January 2013
From Elizabeth Ralston



Dear Dahlov,

I love your art so much! I am 13 and i have enjoyed your art since i was little.

Your piece "Blue savanna" at the maine art museum has always been one of my favorite paintings- I remember when i was little, at the art museum i would always go and look at it, mesmerized.

The animals are beautiful, and the colors are so unique. Whenever i go to the art museum, i still go and look at the painting, and i always find new things in it.

I am an animal lover myself, and also i paint a bit. Your work has really inspired me to work with more color- here is a small painting i did.

Thank you so much for the beautiful art!


December 2011
Crossett Brook Middle School in Duxbury Vermont
Nan Hathaway
Art Teacher







Dear Ms. Ipcar,

We are 6th grade students at Crossett Brook Middle School in Duxbury Vermont.

Our art teacher brought a card to show us from the Portland Museum of art of your print, Unicorn Wood. We have been studying it and admiring it for some time now, and we have some questions that we hope you will answer for us.

We notice that the print is made with three (or four?) different colors of ink. We are wondering, did you make a different block for each different color ink and print one on top of the other, or did you somehow ink the single block with many colors at once? We wonder if you used a “rainbow roll?”

Just got off the phone with my mom and I have to say, I learned for the first time what really goes into making a colored woodblock print. Here's what she has to say: She rolled (3) colors onto a single woodblock separately, using a small (maybe two inch) "gelatin brayer" so she could work in the detail. She has never heard of the term "rainbow" roll which I gather is to roll all the colors all at once but that was never a consideration anyway.

Once she rolled the individual colors onto the block where she deemed them most appropriate, she laid on the sheet of paper and applied pressure by rubbing with the back of a large spoon (similar to a Japanese technique she once read about). As a result, any blending of colors is more or less accidental but the end result works out. She went on to make fifty Unicorn prints, none of them identical!

We are also curious to know why you chose a unicorn as your subject. (Attached is a photo of the print so you will see which one we are writing about!)

Unicorns.... She has always loved the mystical appeal of the unicorn myth, the fantasy of it all. She based the woodblock print of a sketch she made a year or so before the print project. She still has it.... somewhere....

Hope this is of help.

Bob Ipcar
Park Slope, Brooklyn (NY)

We hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season – we look forward to hearing from you so we can learn more about this magical print!


Grade 6, Crossett Brook Middle School, Duxbury Vermont


Years Ago....

Katie Engeman (age 9) presented her oral report on Dahlov Ipcar February 2001, at the Hollis Primary School in New Hampshire as well as several more presentations at the Narragansett School in Maine....


Nicole as Dahlov Ipcar

Learning about famous Maine people using data obtained from the Internet, encyclopedia, and books: with the assistance of Ann Dodd-Collins and fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Davenport: The Laura Libby School, Thomaston, Maine.


Angela Simpson

Angela did this report for her 7th grade art class at Auburn Middle School in Auburn. Her art teachers are Mr. Verville and Mr. Dahlquist. The assignment was to choose an artist that they had not already studied in class (van Gogh, O'Keeffe, Picasso and the like were no-no's) and write a report on that artist.

Angela chose Dahlov and got an A+ for her report


And we think it's a great resource for those looking for a short review of Dahlov's life and work - 12 pages.
Download a PDF

The Biggest Fish In The Sea Plays Mississippi
Can Broadway be far behind?

Here at Northeast Mississippi Community College, my students planned a story time for National Library Week and used Dahlov's book, The Biggest Fish In The Sea, as the the presentation.  Our first performance was out of town at another library during National Library Week. The attendance was 60+ children from area day cares and Head Start centers.  The attendance at the local performance in our town was 150+ children.  Next week we will do it one last time for a public school in the county for their K-3 grades.

The students and I had a great time performing our version of the story.  The audience was delighted—except when we got swallowed by the biggest fish and the lights were turned off.  I wish you could have seen their expressions as Tino caught some really big fish.  We started with Nemo and the Rainbow Fish and then the fish got really big.

If you ever get to NE Mississippi, please come visit us.  We would love to share our community with you.

Cathy Higgins
Child Development Technology
Booneville, Mississippi




Contact Dahlov

What, Dahlov own a computer? She claims that she's too old to learn new technology. While Dahlov's word processor outlived its own manufacturer - Smith Corona - by a good fifteen years, we've managed to wean her onto an i-Book, though only for so long as we call it a word processor. The next big step is e-mail...

So until then, Send your comments and queries to:

Bob Ipcar
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