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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity...

Dahlov's Books In Reprint...

Farmyard Numbers...

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At 97 years old, Dahlov Ipcar shows no signs of slowing down.

An all-new board book with charming rhymes (Five hens call their chicks to eat. “Come try the corn. It tastes so sweet!”) makes this an interactive book for parents and caregivers to share with young readers.





World Full Of Horses...

Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield), autumn 2014

When grandfather was a little boy, the world was full of horses: pulling fancy carriages, galloping
in front of a stage coach and charging into battle. But to keep you from feeling sad because the world
is no longer full of horses, Dahlov Ipcar also shows you where they are this minute—because people
love them. They can be found in the West being ridden by cowboys, on racetracks being ridden by
jockeys and even on merry-go-rounds being ridden by kids like you!

Horses of Long Ago

Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield)
, autumn 2014

From the first gawky little eohippus of 50 million years ago to his thoroughbred descendants of today, here
is a book about all kinds of horses—whether thundering into battle beneath an armor clad knight, prancing
before carriages, plodding around cornfields pulling plows, or racing for kings, they spring to life on every

This is also a picturesque and unique glimpse into history, for horses have been valued and used by men a
s far apart in space as the Samurai of Japan to the farmers of France, as distant in time as ancient Egyptian c
harioteers and American cowboys.

In beautiful color illustrations and clear informative text, noted author-artist Dahlov Ipcar brings to life men and their horses through
the ages—their customs and costumes, and the ways they have worked and fought and played.

Deep Sea Farm...

Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield), autumn 2014
ISBN: 978-1-60893-317-4
Available from the publisher

At the bottom of the sea lives a merman farmer who tends his watery farm with the help of two sea horses. When fishermen appear and threaten all the sea creatures with traps and nets, the farmer realizes that he must take action. A lively tale written and illustrated by Dahlov back in 1961..



The Wonderful Egg...
Written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

Just re-released by Flying Eye
3-5 years
ISBN-13: 9781909263284

First printed in 1958, Dahlov introduces us to a long ago mystery set in a prehistoric world, teeming with creatures that soar, swim and thunder through the green jungle. One wonderful egg sits all alone in a blue-green mossy nest at the base of a giant fern tree. But whose egg is it? And where did it come from? Will you and your young reader be able to guess?

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by Dahlov Ipcar

Praise for the Dahlov Ipcar Collection:

"I'm glad to see publishers like this, restoring older books with such passion and attention—taking gentle care, that is, of our rich picture book heritage."—Kirkus Reviews




In this unheralded civil rights allegory composed in the heat of the early 60s, two little dogs frolic and dream of adventures beyond their wildest imaginations, from jungles of the Congo with towering ebony elephants to the whitewashed, frigid arctic where the icy white polar bears roam. Dahlov Ipcar once again pairs her timeless illustrations with fresh original verse that celebrates the unity, wonder, and beauty of the living, breathing natural world around us.

Dahlov Ipcar is an American author, artist, and illustrator, whose career has spanned five decades. She has written and illustrated over thirty children's books, won the NEIBA President's Award and the Kerlan Award for Children's Literature. A true master of color and organic form, Ipcar's unique and timeless stories instantly captured the hearts of children world over. Some fifty years later, her books are still in print and continue to be cherished for the beauty of their artwork and quality of their narratives. Flying Eye Books is delighted to introduce a new generation of adoring young readers to Ipcar's classic stories with the inimitable and stunning Dahlov Ipcar Collection.

Dahlov still paints on her farm in Maine where she penned many of her greatest works and has lived since 1937.

Flying Eye Books

I Like Animals...

I Like Animals was first printed in 1960 using a hand-picked colour palette and traditional printing techniques. As Dahlov Ipcar's original lithographic plates were lost many years ago, Flying Eye Books has worked to faithfuly restore and reproduce the quality of the original art. Using modern techniques, our restorers have painstakingly picked out the layers of spot colour and re-mastered each brush stroke while keeping the integrity of the line.
I Like Animals has been brought back to life in an edition worthy of the original classic.



Animal Hide & Seek

Written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
Hardcover, 32 pages, Children's, Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 978-1-934031-80-3

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First published in 1947. Artist Dahlov Ipcar first offers young readers portraits of woodland animals and then, on the companion page, sets the animal into its natural setting, camouflaged for the careful reader to find. Gentle prose describes the animals and their habits, from deer to rabbits, from squirrels to salamanders.

Maine Alphabet...

Written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
$10.95, Board Book
ISBN: 978-1-934031-87-2
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This book is near and dear to Ipcar's heart, serving as a kind of love letter to her home state where she has lived and worked for almost 75 years. Her affection for Maine rings true in each letter, from "A is for animals, wild and free," to W, "for woodlands of wonder for you and for me." In the last illustration, which the 94-year-old artist did especially for this edition, she invites young readers to "Walk in my woods and you will see / X, Y and Z high in a tree." The new art depicts squirrels, chipmunks, deer and birds in and amongst trees whose branches deftly hide the letters X, Y and Z.

Stripes & Spots...

Written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
$17.95, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-934031-70-4
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A young tiger sets out on his own to explore and hunt, determined to catch things with stripes. A young leopard sets out on his own to explore and hunt, determined to catch things with spots. And when the two youngsters meet, their adventures more than double!

In this delightful children's book, originally published in 1961, Dahlov Ipcar uses the playful cats to depict the exuberance and innocence of youth. And when danger looms, perhaps they are not as old or as brave as they think they are. Ipcar's incomparable signature artwork has never looked bolder or brighter.

One Horse Farm...

written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
$17.95, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-934031-39-1
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A baby and a foal are born on the farm, on the very same day. Together Johnny and Big Betty grow up learning to work through all the farm's seasons, planting, plowing, mowing, cow herding, and ice cutting.

But Betty grows quickly and Johnny grows slowly. By the time Johnny is a big man, Betty is an old horse. When Johnny realizes it's time to replace Betty with a tractor, he must decided what to do with his beloved horse.

One Horse Farm, first published in 1950, tells the story of a boy and a horse who grow up together on a farm and watch the world change around them. It's a book that comes from the heart for legendary Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar, who has lived on a farm in Georgetown, Maine, for more than 70 years. "It was the life I lived," she says.

Farmyard Alphabet...

$10.95, Board book
ISBN: 978-1-934031-43-8
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" From apples and barns to vegetables and wood stoves, both the unique text and bold, bright artwork celebrate farm life in Ipcar's inimitable style. Strong proud horses, fat happy pigs and playful kittens will charm toddlers, and Ipcar fans will be delighted to see illustrations from The Wild Whirlwind, Bright Barnyard and Black and White, as well as those from eight other books."


Calico Jungle...

written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
Hardcover, Illustrated Children's Book
ISBN: 978-1-934031-31-5
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A boy takes a fantastical journey through a jungle landscape on a calico quilt his mother has made for him, encountering calico birds pecking at fruits, calico elephants giving each other shower baths, calico antelope hiding in trees, and more. This is a wonderful Ipcar world full of color and possibility.


Hardscrabble Harvest...

written & ilustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

Hardcover, Illustrated Children's Book
ISBN: 978-1-934031-24-7
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Hardscrabble Harvest uses rollicking verse and Ipcar's distinctive illustrations to tell a charming story about the running battle between a farm family and the mischievous animals that plunder their fields. Crows peck at freshly sown seeds, ducks eat new strawberry plants, rabbits nibble on tender lettuces, and raccoons dine on ears of ripening corn.
All summer long the young farmer and his wife are hard-pressed to protect their growing crops. But autumn comes at last, and the family is ready to celebrate its harvest bushels of red tomatoes, a cellar full of apples for cider and pumpkins for pie. Look for a surprise ending!


The Cat At Night...

written & ilustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
Hardcover, Illustrated Children's Book
ISBN: 978-1-934031-23-0
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A delightful night-long jaunt with a cat and what he sees at night! The story line is a guessing game you play with your children: silhouette pages invite you to guess where the cat is now, followed by views in full color of what he sees at night.


The Little Fisherman...

Story by Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrations by Dahlov Ipcar
ISBN: 978-1-934031-14-8
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From Island Port Press: The Little Fisherman is a milestone in the illustrious career of the legendary Dahlov Ipcar. The Little Fisherman, originally published in 1945, was the very first children’s book illustrated by the then-twenty-eight-year-old artist. The book, with its authentic coastal scenes, helped establish her distinctive style and ignited a four-decade creative run that saw her write and illustrate more than thirty children’s books, all from a studio overlooking her farm on Georgetown Island, Maine. The fact that Ipcar’s first book was also written by Margaret Wise Brown only adds to its importance in the world of children’s literature.


My Wonderful Christmas Tree...

written & ilustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

ISBN: 978-1-934031-22-3
Children's Picture Book
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Re-issued by Down East Books (now Rowman & Littlefield)
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Join a father and son for a day of lobstering on the Maine Coast.
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Brown Cow Farm...

A counting book to 1-100. Guaranteed to keep you and your children busy for weeks on end!

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Out There on the Internet...


Dark Horn Blowing (paperback , reprinted1999)
Teenage to adult...

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Nightmare and Her Foal and Other Stories
Best for adults - The dark side of Dahlov...

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