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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity...

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Review Portland Press Harold by Bob Keyes
"The artist, who turns 98 this week, is exploring new ways to express herself with recent vision loss."

Review Bangor Daily News by Kathleen Pierce
"Meat, cheese, cream, butter and art every day. That’s artist and author Dahlov Ipcar’s recipe for a long life."

Review Lewiston Sun Journal by Patty Reef
"Ipcar will share more than 40 recent oil paintings and seven rare drawings circa 1945, 1946, 1980 and 2015."

Review Portland Sunday Telegram by Daniel Kanny; Dahlov Ipcar: New paintings and new perspectives

Article Publisher's Weekly, A Maine Treasure by Judith Rosen

Featured The Vision and Art Project; chronicling the boundaries between vision, sight, drawing and painting


Article London Telegraph by Nicolette Jones: Painting Keeps Me Alive

Interview by Brave The Woods; on design and illustration


15 min video
directed and filmed by her son, Robert, autumn 2013; On Creative Growth

Review: Dahlov's 2013 Biennial exhibit; Portland Press Herald; Bob Keyes

Review: 2013 Biennial exhibit by Pat Reef; Lewiston Sun Journal



Creative Growth

Catalogue of exhibition, repeat of MOMA solo show of 1939, Portland Museum of Art ME 1970

Dahlov Ipcar - The Seventies & Eighties (See Gallery II)

Catalogue of exhibition, Museum of Art, Olin Arts Center, Bates College, Lewiston ME 1990

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity

Catalogue of exhibition, Portland Museum of Art 2001-2002
See Biography

Adult Fiction

A Dark Horn Blowing
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German translation Der Ruf ins Andere Land
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North Country Press ME 1990

Young Adult Novels

General Felice, McGraw NY 1967

The Warlock of Night,Viking NY 1969

The Queen of Spells,Viking NY 1973, Laure lNY (Dell Publishing) paperback 1975

Children's Books (Author and Illustrator)

Animal Hide and Seek
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World Full of Horses,Doubleday NY 1955 reprinted Roman & Littlefield 2014

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Japanese translation, Dainippon Tosho Ltd., Tokyo, Japan 1988
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reprintedt, Islandport Press,

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Lost and Found: A Hidden Animal Book, Doubleday NY 1981

My Wonderful Christmas Tree, Gannett Books ME - (soft cover 1986), reprinted Islandport Press 2009

Dahlov Board Books - Farmyard Alphabet

Farmyard Alphabet, Islandport Press, 2011

Wild Animal Alphabet, Islandport Press, 2011

Maine Alphabet, Islandport Press, 2012

Farmyard Numbers, Islandport Press, 2014


Books Illustrated For Other Authors

The Little Fisherman,by Margaret Wise Brown, Wm R Scott 1945, reprinted Islandport Press 2009

Just Like You, All Babies Have Mummies and Daddies, by Evelyn Beyer, Wm R Scott NY 1946

Good Work, by John G. McCullough, Wm R Scott NY 1948

Junior Literary Guild Selection

One Horse Farm, 1950

World Full of Horses 1955

Brown Cow Farm 1959

Stripes and Spots 1961

Wild and Tame Animals 1962

Horses of Long Ago 1965

Song of the Day Birds and the Night Birds 1967

Bug City 1975

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The Art of Dahlov Ipcar, by Carl Little ,Downeast Publications, 2010

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Magazine Articles

Hammel, Margaret "Dahlov Ipcar's Peaceable Kingdom"
Down East, April 1974

Schrath, Pat "A Pride of Lions in the Midst of Maine"
Maine Life, April 1978
Wilson, Pati "Her Subject is the Jungle"
Art Gallery, August - September 1984
Reef, Pat Davidson "The Intricate Vision of Dahlov Ipcar"
Bittersweet, January 1985

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