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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

Dahlov Ipcar - Seven Decades of Creativity...


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2015 Exhibits

June 20-August 22, 2015

Opening, Saturday June 20th 1pm
Samson Gallery - Boston
450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA
Samson homepage
Influences on a Modern Family: William & Marguerite Zorach and their daughter Dahlov Ipcar

* Dahlov may attend the opening if she's feeling up to the drive.

March 26th through Sept. 27, 2015.
Kennebunk Brick Store Museum
117 Main St, Kennebunk, ME 

Exhibit of visual story telling featuring a number of local illustrators and artists including Dahlov... beginning March 26th


Dahlov Book Signings...

Nothing Scheduled



Release date September 15th, 2015
Reprinted by Flying Eye Press: |ISBN: 9781909263451

Long, long ago all animals in the world were wild. Some were timid and hid in the woods, and some were ferocious and dangerous.

And so begins a journey of discovery as Dahlov Ipcar presents a wealth of feral and fierce animals trained by our early ancestors to the tame animals we know today.

Dahlov on Maine Public Broadcast Network

We think Dahlov Ipcar is a Maine treasure, and we're thrilled that she shared her musical memory with us in today's Music That Move ME audio diary.





Now In Bookstores and Online...

From Flying Eye Books

by Dahlov Ipcar

Praise for the Dahlov Ipcar Collection:

"I'm glad to see publishers like this, restoring older books with such passion and attention—taking gentle care, that is, of our rich picture book heritage."—Kirkus Reviews




In this unheralded civil rights allegory composed in the heat of the early 60s, two little dogs frolic and dream of adventures beyond their wildest imaginations, from jungles of the Congo with towering ebony elephants to the whitewashed, frigid arctic where the icy white polar bears roam. Dahlov Ipcar once again pairs her timeless illustrations with fresh original verse that celebrates the unity, wonder, and beauty of the living, breathing natural world around us.

Dahlov Ipcar is an American author, artist, and illustrator, whose career has spanned five decades. She has written and illustrated over thirty children's books, won the NEIBA President's Award and the Kerlan Award for Children's Literature. A true master of color and organic form, Ipcar's unique and timeless stories instantly captured the hearts of children world over. Some fifty years later, her books are still in print and continue to be cherished for the beauty of their artwork and quality of their narratives. Flying Eye Books is delighted to introduce a new generation of adoring young readers to Ipcar's classic stories with the inimitable and stunning Dahlov Ipcar Collection.

Dahlov still paints on her farm in Maine where she penned many of her greatest works and has lived since 1937.

Flying Eye Books

Dahlov Interviewed by Publisher's Weekly

Dahlov Ipcar: A Maine Treasure by Judith Rosen,
January 23, 2015

See Publisher's Weekly Article



Dahlov Pillows and Books and Calendars... oh my!

Classic Rug Collection



Barbara Barran, President of Classic Rug Collection, Inc is now offering The Cat at Night Collection. She has a good stock of these pillows at $109. Other Calico Collection pillows are offered at 25% off. She'll gift wrap and ship! Please visit Classic Rug Collection Store






World Full Of horses...

Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield) Autumn 2014

When grandfather was a little boy, the world was full of horses: pulling fancy carriages, galloping
in front of a stage coach and charging into battle. But to keep you from feeling sad because the world
is no longer full of horses, Dahlov Ipcar also shows you where they are this minute—because people
love them. They can be found in the West being ridden by cowboys, on racetracks being ridden by
jockeys and even on merry-go-rounds being ridden by kids like you!


Horses of Long Ago...

Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield) autumn 2014
From the first gawky little eohippus of 50 million years ago to his thoroughbred descendants of today, here
is a book about all kinds of horses—whether thundering into battle beneath an armor clad knight, prancing
before carriages, plodding around cornfields pulling plows, or racing for kings, they spring to life on every

This is also a picturesque and unique glimpse into history, for horses have been valued and used by men a
s far apart in space as the Samurai of Japan to the farmers of France, as distant in time as ancient Egyptian c
harioteers and American cowboys.

In beautiful color illustrations and clear informative text, noted author-artist Dahlov Ipcar brings to life men and their horses through
the ages—their customs and costumes, and the ways they have worked and fought and played.

Farmyard Numbers...

See Islandport Press

At 97 years old, Dahlov Ipcar shows no signs of slowing down.

An all-new board book with charming rhymes (Five hens call their chicks to eat. “Come try the corn. It tastes so sweet!”) makes this an interactive book for parents and caregivers to share with young readers.




Deep Sea Farm...

Just re-released by Down East Publishing (Rowman & Littlefield)
ISBN: 978-1-60893-317-4

Available from the publisher

At the bottom of the sea lives a merman farmer who tends his watery farm with the help of two sea horses. When fishermen appear and threaten all the sea creatures with traps and nets, the farmer realizes that he must take action. A lively tale written and illustrated by Dahlov back in 1961.


The Wonderful Egg...

Written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

Just re-released by Flying Eye
3-5 years
ISBN-13: 9781909263284

First printed in 1958, Dahlov introduces us to a long ago mystery set in a prehistoric world, teeming with creatures that soar, swim and thunder through the green jungle. One wonderful egg sits all alone in a blue-green mossy nest at the base of a giant fern tree. But whose egg is it? And where did it come from? Will you and your young reader be able to guess?

Available at Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.


Dahlov Interviewed for the London Telegraph

Really nice piece by Nicolette Jones




Dahlov Interviewed by Brave The Woods,a design & illustration studio based in Austin, Texas. See their weekly blog at:


I Like Animals...


I Like Animals was first printed in 1960 using a hand-picked colour palette and traditional printing techniques. As Dahlov Ipcar's original lithographic plates were lost many years ago, Flying Eye Books has worked to faithfuly restore and reproduce the quality of the original art. Using modern techniques, our restorers have painstakingly picked out the layers of spot colour and re-mastered each brush stroke while keeping the integrity of the line.
I Like Animals has been brought back to life in an edition worthy of the original classic.

ISBN 9781909263253 Amazon - Powells

Dahlov's 2015 Cats Calendar



Dahlov Ipcar’s cats leap unbound from the page and onto the wall with this new calendar featuring 12 separate months of stunning images. Just released by Islandport Press for 2015.





What's Up...

Dahlov 2014 Painting...

Dahlov has just completed an oil on canvas entitled "Riders & Beagles", an homage to a work in fabric designed and executed by her mother, Marguerite Zorach.

The original panel is from a bedspread that was commissioned in the 1920s by either the L'Engle family or the Lathrop Browns. The bedspread was eventually donated to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. The magazine article which featured the complete bedspread had this to say:

“Original bedspread titled 'On Sea and Land', by Marguerite Zorach, created in the mid 1920s, from International Studio magazine, "The Embroideries of Marguerite Zorach" by Marya Mannes, March, 1930, New York, pp. 29-33.”

See MFA link:




Dahlov Exhibits - 2014

Family note: We would rather not have Dahlov sign books during exhibit openings. For one thing, she's more comfortable doing signings while seated at a table, not on her walker. She also prefers her own marker pen which is more comfortable to hold. And she's 96 years old.. But often signed copies of her books are for sale during exhibits/shows of her work.

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery
Belfast, Maine
Dahlov prints & illiustrations will be included in an August Exhibit


Charlie Ipcar Pens a Sea-Tale...
Three Kitties Set Out To Sea


Adventerious kitties set out to sea aboard their sixteenth centuary ship, the Bold Catspaw. As they sail the Seven Seas, they happily dine on flying fish and sea rats. There's even an encounter with a pirate ship crewed by scurvy seadogs; you know who wins out. There's even a tropical isle of feline delights! A fanciful tale composed as a song with full musical notation provided. Written and illustrated by Charlie Ipcar

$25 includes shipping from







Back in November 2013

Dahlov's Bienniel Exhibit - Over 20 Recent Paintings
-exhibit is over but some of these paintings remain at Frost Gully Gallery

Nov 17th - Dec 30th 2013
Opening reception was Sunday Nov17
Frost Gully Gallery
1159 Route 1

Freeport, Maine




Farm Ruckus

Serengeti Triad





Knight at Arms










Garden Gardians





Equine Pinwheel

In Egg Splicable



Dahlov was recently selected by the Portland Press Herald as one of "Ten Mainers to be Thankful For...

Staff Writer, Bob Keyes: Dahlov Ipcar, 96, is considered a cultural treasure of Maine. A painter and author, beloved for her kaleidoscopic renderings of animals and a long history of richly illustrated books for children, is one of the last links to the early days of Maine art. -

Lewiston Sun Journal
Pat Davidson Reef: Stepping into an exhibit of recent paintings by Dahlov Ipcar is like stepping into a whole environment; an environment of wild animals, warmth and exotic imagination Fantastic, colorful, energetic: Dahlov Ipcar exhibit a must-see

Other Exhibits
A partial listing of Dahlov's exhibits within the past decade



julie ipcar

Kaylee enjoying the paintings of Dahlov Ipcar - pix by Tami Bill.


Dahlov "Full Circle" Calendar for 2014

Islandport Press announces a gorgeous new calendar featuring 15 "Circle Paintings" by Dahlov

Twenty-five years ago, legendary Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar was fascinated by the images she saw looking through a kaleidoscope. The then-71-year-old, who regularly seeks new inspiration for her paintings, set out to bring that same dramatic look to her art. To accomplish her vision, she painted circles within circles, making sure each new layer pulsated with energy, color, and patterns. The result was the breathtaking "Cat Mandala," the first of her so-called "Circle Paintings, which she unveiled in 1988.

Over the following 23 years, she created fourteen more circle paintings, each featuring a different animal theme ranging from the real to the imagined to the fanciful, from Australia to Asia, merry-go-rounds to blue moons. One critic called these paintings "a rich visual feast, an experience full of zest, color, and magical imagery." Islandport Press will feature all fifteen of Ipcar's Circle Paintings in "Dahlov Ipcar Full Circle," a 2014 calendar that offers a remarkable year-long visual treat.

UK's Nobrow Press joins Dahlov....

Nobrow LTD/ Flying Eye Books, a leading proponent of quality in book design and a standard bearer for original creative content has committed to four of Dahlov's childrens books.

I Like Animals
April 2014




The Wonderful Egg
Summer 2014




Black and White & Wild and Tame Animals 2015


More Dahlov Children's Books books...


Book about Dahlov
(Finalist for the 2010 Book Of The Year Award- arts catagory)


The Art of Dahlov Ipcar, edited by Carl Little.
Downeast Books
(Rowman & Littlefield)
released June 2010
10 X12; 124 color plates; $50

Available at the Georgetown, Maine Historical Society












condensed from article by Kitty Wheeler, Coastal Journal contributor

WOOLWICH - The Gathering, a large mural attached to the entry hall in the new Woolwich Central School, is the latest accomplishment of painter John Gable. He has completed 20 murals for East Coast restaurants in the past 17 years, but this school mural represents his first chance to benefit from the One Percent For Art public funding program, in which one percent of the cost of a large public project is set aside for art to adorn that project. Gable's mural depicts 10 Maine artists who illustrated storybooks for children in the 20th century... Gable, a well-known national artist who lives in Woolwich, is delighted with the finished product...

The following artists and their book themes are incorporated into the mural: Dahlov Ipcar and Lobsterman; E.B. White and Charlotte's Web; Barbara Cooney and Miss Rumphius; Margaret Wise Brown and The Runaway Bunny; Chris Van Dusen and A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee; Robert McCloskey and Time of Wonder; Melissa Sweet and Love & Kisses; N.C. Wyeth and Treasure Island, The Deer Slayer, Robin Hood, and The Boys of King Arthur; Kevin Hawkes and Weslandia; and Ashley Bryan and What a Wonderful World.

Read the entire article by Kitty Wheeler


World Wildlife Fund

As part of the World Wildlife Fund's 50th anniversary celebration in 2011, the image of Dahlov's Biosphere will be incorporated on some of their anniversary materials. Biosphere now resides at the WWF's Washington DC offices, a gift from the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation.

Biosphere", oil, 4ft x 6ft 1996





Dahlov Receives DFA


Maine College of Art Gala Honors:
May 9th, 2013 - Dahlov was among the recipients who received the Award for Leadership as a Visual Artist and the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts.


Georgetown's Citizen of the Year 2013...


Dahlov Ipcar received the Citizen of the Year Award at the Georgetown Community Center in Maine, March 17, 2013

2012 Maine In America Award Presentation

On July 19th, Dahlov was honored by the Farnsworth Art Museum, an honor given to an individual or a group who has made an outstanding contribution to Maine and its role in American art. Previous recipients have been, Alex Katz, Robert Indiana, Andrew Wyeth, Paul Caponigro, John Wilmerding and Will Barnet.

2011 - Dahlov Wins Moonbeam Award...

Islandport Press
Farmyard Alphabet - The first ever board book by legendary Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar has been honored with a bronze medal in the Board Book category of the 2011 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

The Moonbeam Children's Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary children's books and their creators, and to celebrate children's books and lifelong reading. "This year's Moonbeam award winners confirm that books can change children's lives," says Moonbeam Awards founder Jerrold Jenkins. "They've already had a big impact on the judges and the kids that read them, so we know these books were created to enrich children's lives." Dahlov's previous book-related awards include the prestigious Kerlan Award in Children's Literature in 1998; the Katahdin Award from the Maine Library Association in 2001; and the New England Independent Booksellers Association President's Award in 2010.

NEIBA Award...

Dahlov received the President's Award from the New England Independent Booksellers Association (NEIBA). This prestigious award is given annually to recognize outstanding contribution to arts and letters. Dahlov joined Robert McCloskey as the only other children's book author/illustrator to receive this award.

"Dahlov Ipcar's lifelong body of work is entirely inspiring. That she has so beautifully created books to draw children, in particular, to the joys of language and art is further testament to her genius. Readers of all ages have delighted in Ipcar's work for many years and because her work is so timeless, they will do so for decades to come." Dick Hermans, NEIBA Board President


Dahlov Ipcar Hooked Rug (not public domain)

Tiger & Leopard
Original design hooked by Dahlov Ipcar in 1974

Just to set the record straight...

We have been made aware of a hooked rug design floating around entitled Tumbling Cats that may have been copied from an original design hooked by Dahlov entitled Tiger & Leopard that appeared in the 1975 publication, American Hooked and Sewn Rugs; folk art underfoot, by Joel & Kate Kopp; published by Plume (page 117 #202). This book was copyright protected and identified Dahlov as the originator of the design and the year 1974 as the date of creation.

It's proper to ask Dahlov for permission to reproduce this design; credit must be given to her as the creator of this design. It is not proper to be using her design for commercial purposes e.g. selling patterns, kits or rugs because Dahlov claims copyright and does not permit it.

Original work now in private collection


Dahlov (age 97) is not a hooked rug artist per se. Tiger & Leopard represents a "one of a kind" creation. Her children's book, Stripes & Spots, 1961, depicts a similar cover arrangement of a tiger and leopard as well.





In 1977, Dahlov also painted an oil on linen Tiger & Leopard, 36 X 50

Portland School Promotes "Reading with Families"



When Connie Ortolani saw that Maine Reads through their "Read With ME" initiative was giving all Kindergarten students a copy of "The Cat at Night" by Dahlov Ipcar, she thought that this would be a perfect start to the school year; get families excited about reading to and with their children.   With the assistance of IThe Literacy Specialist, Ann Hanna of the East End Community School, Connie presented the book to all their Kindergarten families.  

What a turn out! 20 families and lots of kids; all were familiar with the story since Connie had already read it to their individual K classes. She gave them a cat picture to color when they got home and they all promised to read the book with their families.



Post Office Mural Restoration

LaFollette Mural
Summer 2005 - from Bill Teaster, Postmaster of LaFollette TN...

"Your mother painted the mural for our lobby in 1939.  We were just commissioned to have our Mural restored due to water damage and overspray of paint when our lobby was repainted.  Elizabeth Parma out of Chicago was commissioned to restore the mural through Dallan Wordekemper who is with the historical preservation society in Washington.  We would love for your mother to be a part of this or at least be aware that it is happening. .... I thought everyone might like to see the Mural during the restoration process. "

Spring 2013 update
We have word that the mural was moved to the new post office and additional restoration work was done.

Notice the cleaning process. Lo and behold, the hunter's shirt isn't gray - it's white!


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While Dahlov's word processor outlived its own manufacturer - Smith Corona - by a good fifteen years, we've since weaned her onto an iMac. The next big step is e-mail... Until then, send your comments and queries to:

Bob Ipcar
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Dahlov at 95, by Steve Cartwright