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Children Of Orion

The Series

The Twins Above - Book I    |    The Time Weaver - Book II    |    Return To Ash'elon - Book III

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Which future would you choose if you found yourself caught between parallel universes?

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by Robert Ipcar

In a future world reborn, where mysterious winged sentinels patrol the night skies, Clerci—a young woman of nobility—flees an unwelcome betrothal into the arms of an invading army. That this small force will serve to resist a far more sinister enemy bent on subjugating humankind, soon becomes apparent even to the young Prince who commands these invaders. For the first time in millenniums, the Cosmos favor the ambitions of the Sumerian Storm God, Zu.

Prodded by the Prince’s companion, Old Madge, Clerci sets out to discover how the ancient hero, Ninurta,* once defeated Zu, secreting the Tablets of Destiny on behalf of the Gods—the keys to Mankind’s fate. That she and her new found trail companions must stay one step ahead of Zu’s minions proves to be more dangerous by the hour. Then comes the unexpected revelation of frightening powers that those of her lineage once commanded; powers that will prove to be a two edged sword should she dare invoke them; powers that stand in the way of her success. Will Clerci have the conviction to trust herself to the least likely path that still beckons?

*Ancient cuneiform tablets reveal that Ninurta defeated Zu, regaining the Tablets of Destiny on behalf the Gods. How he accomplished this task is a matter of conjecture to this day—that particular tablet still missing. It will be Clerci who finds out…


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by Robert Ipcar

What's to like about insects?


         BITS  - The bionic Nanny from Brooklyn!

                   STOKER - Curmudgeon bush pilot extraordinaire!
                           SACK GRIDLEY - The slimiest of Corporate slime!

                            OLD MOOG - a "larger than life" Praying Mantis

And of course, there's 14 year old TESLA RICHARDS who travels halfway across the Galaxy to meet her geologist father only to learn that he is missing—that he's become a wanted man.  In the course of her search, Tesla will embroil herself in an ever-deepening mystery—hushed whispers among the gnome-like insects known as the Glymmm of an impending Armageddon soon to come. Only through the support of a wild assortment of new found friends—both human and insect—will Tesla find her father and save Old Moog's world from destruction.


(available as a novella or screenplay)

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Book Two
The Time Weaver

Book Three
Return To Ash'elon