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Children Of Orion

The Series

The Twins Above - Book I    |    The Time Weaver - Book II    |    Return To Ash'elon - Book III

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Which future would you choose if you found yourself caught between parallel universes?


Whereby I indulge in alternative universes...

Return to Ash'elon
(the unused alternate chapter)
In Chapter 9, DaNorbin, the desert mercenary, offers Trice a proposition. Should she accept? Refuse him? I chose the path I thought her character would make for she knows she has but one chance to change her destiny. But then I came up with an alternate choice that reflected a sense of power I knew her character would have appreciated... but then....

The alternate chapter was ultimately discarded. However, email me the first sentence of Chapter 9 and I'll send you the url link to Alt Chapter 9. Which one rings true?... let me know.

The Twins Above (the lost prologue)
The Twins Above originally had a prologue that has been lost to time - the manuscript having migrated between three desktops over a period of ten years. However, I just found the original 3 1/2 inch floppies from 1998. Our first computer, an Apple IIc+, still sits on a shelf in our storage room (a parallel universe in itself). Will I find the missing prologue? A better question is: will I remember how to boot the sucker. Watch this space...

February 2012 Note:

Eurika! The old Apple IIc+ with its 1 mg ram card (cost me $250 and was the size of the keyboard) booted as easily as a kick to Rip Van Winkle's shins.

I admit I did some tweaking to my 1998 efforts but, all in all, it really sets up Book One nicely.

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Book Two
The Time Weaver

Book Three
Return To Ash'elon