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Children Of Orion

The Series

The Twins Above - Book I    |    The Time Weaver - Book II    |    Return To Ash'elon - Book III

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Which future would you choose if you found yourself caught between parallel universes?


Thousands of light-years into the Great Wall floats a ringed world known as N'ayu, its diminutive red sun lying at the mercy of a collapsed black hole whose fiery double-helix spews out a furious release of "time" as well as light. Yet sentient life has somehow thrived, emerging beyond its aquatic origins to establish a nomadic society of humanoid warriors who lead lives of integrity and simplicity—the High Forest People known as the Mateek.

Yet there are those who would seek their time beneath the twin dark suns at the expense of those who have adapted. First to arrive were the Wai'min, an empathic human race of stellar origins who came to embrace the ways of the indigenous Mateek. Then came the Children of Orion, crew and settlers who escaped a doomed colony ship; who will relegate the once proud Mateek and Wai'min societies to that of a scorned subculture. And walking a path between all are the T'nahyees, spirit-like personages spawned in the fires of the Twins Above—occasional meddlers, sometimes saviors, from generations past or possible futures yet to be.


Author's Note...
The Twins Above, Book I, was originally self-published in 2001 under the title Children of Orion Book I. Then came 911 and its tragic aftermath here in New York City. I was so bummed out about the violence and needless death that was mirrored in my writing that I put everything aside for ten years, a body of work that included this trilogy. Also shelved was the first book of the Mist Maiden Series as well as a charming novella & screenplay about a young girl's search for her missing father on a far off planet named Fox'ul IV. Now I've come to a realization that in spite of what befalls a few of my characters, my message is one of peace and bountiful encouragement of those individuals who dare live up to their dreams

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Book Two
The Time Weaver

Book Three
Return To Ash'elon